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Steven Gerrard jokes Gary Neville has stolen best mate Jamie Carragher

‘We used to be tight… he’s robbed me of him!’ Steven Gerrard jokes Jamie Carragher has replaced him with ‘new brother’ Gary Neville… as Aston Villa boss says old Liverpool team-mate ‘doesn’t text me, doesn’t phone me!’

  • Steven Gerrard joked that Gary Neville has stolen his best mate Jamie Carragher
  • The Aston Villa boss was asked for his most famous friend and picked Carragher
  • Gerrard said that Carragher was so famous he was even on Gogglebox now 
  • However, Gerrard said Carragher does not phone, text or see him anymore 

As Liverpool and Manchester United legends, Steven Gerrard and Gary Neville were never the best of friends on the pitch during their playing days. 

But it seems that rivalry has continued into their post-playing career as they fight for the friendship of one of Gerrard’s former teammates, Jamie Carragher.

Carragher and Gerrard’s friendship stretches back to their academy days at Liverpool and no one has played with Gerrard more than the former defender.

Steven Gerrard joked that he has had his best mate Jamie Carragher ‘robbed’ by Gary Neville

The pair were on the pitch at the same time 570 times with the first game coming in a 2-0 win against Blackburn in 1998 and the last being a 0-0 draw at home to Everton in 2013. 

The highest moment of their friendship came in 2005 when they won the Champions League in remarkable circumstances, coming from 3-0 down against Milan to win on penalties.   

Since their retirement, Gerrard has gone into management first at Rangers and now Aston Villa while Carragher has gone down the punditry route, becoming a familiar face for any big game.

Carragher has formed an unlikely friendship with Neville as a punditry duo on Sky Sports

Carragher has formed an unlikely friendship with Neville as a punditry duo on Sky Sports

The former defender formed an unlikely friendship with a man he used to call his bitter rival, Neville, and the two are a popular duo on Sky Sports.

Carragher played 19 games against the Manchester United right back and the record was fairly even with Carragher winning eight, Neville successful in nine and two draws. 

But since those days, the two have gone on to become the face of Sky Sports’ football coverage, so much so that it appears Carragher’s former teammate is becoming jealous.

Gerrard called Carragher 'Gary Neville's new brother' and said he does not call or text anymore

Gerrard called Carragher ‘Gary Neville’s new brother’ and said he does not call or text anymore

When asked by Sky Sports who his most famous friend was, Gerrard picked out Carragher.  

‘Jamie Carragher – he’s flying. He’s smashing the punditry, was a top player, he’s on Gogglebox now,’ Gerrard said. 

‘Everything that’s going, he’s doing so he’s probably my most famous friend now.’ 

He then jokingly described Carragher as ‘Gary Neville’s new brother.’ 

‘People can’t get enough of him,’ Gerrard said. 

‘He doesn’t even phone me anymore, doesn’t text me, nothing. I don’t even see him.

‘Neville’s robbed him off me. We used to be tight. 

‘Imagine that, imagine Gary Neville robbing your mate!’