The Benefits of Natural Pain Relief

Humans have been feeling pain since the beginning of time, but they have also been treating pain since the beginning of time. It started with Mother Nature. She provided us with everything we needed to heal ourselves. But that way of learning and healing takes time, work, and patience. Soon we developed more sophisticated medicine, drugs that work quicker, painkillers we can get a hold of faster. We don’t know what’s in them, nor do we care, because they work. Somewhere along the way natural and holistic medicine became alternative and old news. We forget there is a lot of wisdom there, so today let’s take a look at some of the many benefits that come with turning to natural medicine and pain relief.

1) Control

When you opt for natural medicine, you have complete control and understanding of what you are doing to your body. In Aromatherapy, you know exactly what oils are being used and why. When using herbal mixtures and teas you know what each ingredient is, what it does, and how much you want to use. During massage therapy you decide what is too painful. The world of natural medicine is vast and full of so many choices. It may feel overwhelming at first, but the truth is it is incredibly liberating. That means if one form of treatment doesn’t work for you, you have so many others to choose from. From crystal healing to acupuncture, there is something for everyone, giving so much more control over what you’re doing to your body.

2) Treating causes not symptoms

Here’s another one, over-the-counter medications and pain killers are just a temporary fix you’re building up a tolerance for. Natural pain relief often tackles underlying conditions instead of treating just symptoms. For the one-off headache or upset tummy, there are plenty of herbal teas and quick remedies that are very effective and incredibly safe, but a recurring headache or stiff neck may be something that just popping some ibuprofen won’t make go away, it’ll just come back later. During Reflexology or Acupuncture for example, patients have consultations with their reflexologists or acupuncturists where they describe symptoms, discuss their general lifestyle, health, and put together a plan before beginning treatment. Natural medicine provides pain relief by default and treats causes with intention.

3) Stronger Immune System; Fuller Life

Natural medicine believes that the body is completely capable of healing itself, sometimes it just needs a little help and encouragement. More than that, natural medicine often considers the mind, body, and spirit, and so focuses on treating the body as a whole. We know emotional pain can manifest as physical pain, we know our mind and body are connected in complex ways. More than that, most herbs, crystals, and oils are multipurpose and can tackle physical and emotional pain at once. Massage therapy can specifically help with chronic pain or muscle aches, but at the same time be relaxing, calming, and mindful. Natural medicine encourages overall health as it often looks at food, exercise, and self-care. Yoga is the perfect example. A practice that is known to help with chronic pain, posture, flexibility, while also offering relaxation, mindfulness, and exercise. And while those things are great for your health, they also improve everyday life.

Now, to be clear, western medicine has its place, it is also a very important aspect of our health, but it does not always need to be our first choice. Natural pain relief and therapy is preventative, long term, and has a massive price range, from easy and cheap herbal remedies to more expensive infrared treatment sessions. Natural medicine can always complement western medicine, so there is more than enough space for both old and new medicine in our lives.