The Best Music Streaming Apps

Apple Music exploded onto the streaming scene late last year to mixed reviews. But it has quickly grown into one of the best music streaming apps available. It comes with millions of songs and playlists, an easy-to-use on-demand radio, and even allows users to upload their own music and stream it straight to their iPhone or iPod. Here is a quick rundown of some of its features and why it’s growing in popularity.

One of the best music apps for both iPhone and Android devices is Pandora. Pandora offers a personal radio station based on whatever mood you are in. You can add your own songs or even have the radio play random tracks from anywhere around the world. You can also request specific artists or tracks. This Pandora app is currently free, but you can get a free Pandora account at iTunes.

Most people prefer Pandora because it’s simple and intuitive. However, it is far from the only one that works great. Other music streaming apps offer similar features. For example, you can ask Google Now to play a song you’re listening to, and it will. There are similar features offered by several other companies, including Pandora.

Another favorite among music fans is Rhyming. This dynamic music streaming app is a good choice for anyone who likes a personal radio station on their phone. With it, you can find your favorite artists, hear them sing, and then download the track. The catch is that you need to be online to sing on it. Once you’ve found your favorite artists, you simply click “listen” and wait for your song to begin playing. Then it’ll play as many times as you want until you un-subscribe.

Another favorite of music lovers is Shazam. The free version lets you scan the words of a song you like, play a sample, then give it a thumbs up or down. You can also purchase a subscription to use with Shazam’s growing database of millions of songs. This app offers a unique way to search for certain artists and songs based on their words.

For those who love to listen to live music, iTunes is the way to go. This is a great music app that allows you to buy or download songs as you need them. One of its best features is the ability to listen to any song you want without having to worry about subscription fees. It also has a large stock music library that can satisfy almost any music lover. The only con is that you need an Apple iPhone in order to download the new music.

Pandora is another one of those excellent Pandora music choices. Pandora is similar to Shazam in that you can either pay per song or subscribe for a month to get unlimited access. Pandora also offers Pandora playlists that allow you to listen to particular artists, songs, or types of music.

Pandora is another great app that offers music discovery options and unlimited music. For a smaller fee, you can purchase Pandora pay monthly as well. If you want to search for a particular artist or song, then Pandora works very well because you are able to browse by genre. Pandora will hook you up with what you want, whether you want hip hop, dance music, R&B, etc.

One of the best music apps is Onkyo. Onkyo provides a way for you to listen live to Onkyo radio stations from your phone. Onkyo also gives you access to their other channels including TV, movies, music videos, Asian news, and much more.

Onkyo is great because it allows you to control what you want to hear. You can choose a station you want to listen to, and Onkyo will play it exactly how you want. This makes listening to Onkyo radio even more enjoyable because you aren’t limited by what the DJ is playing.

Last up is apple Music. Apple Music is the king of music apps because it is highly intuitive and you can find an application for just about every need. You can find great playlists for your daily activities, music for your workout, and even playlists for your home.

The best part is that you can update your playlists anytime you want without downloading anything. With apple music, you are always on the latest music.

Finally, we have YouTube Music. YouTube is a site where you can watch and listen to music videos. This is a fantastic app for anyone who loves to watch videos because you can find all kinds of music videos, even if they’re not mainstream.

However, if you are a die-hard fan of one genre, this is not the right app for you. There are plenty more that you can enjoy if you truly love music videos.