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The Chic list: Meet my therapist – cobalt blue

The Chic list: Meet my therapist -Cobalt blue

The other night I went out for dinner with a couple of girlfriends and one announced over sushi that she had woken up that morning with a grey eyebrow hair. ‘It just sprouted overnight,’ she said, brows arched in disbelief.

I knew how she felt because I’ve recently been experiencing a horrible ringing in my ears – tinnitus. No cure, no treatment, just hope against hope that it goes away.

Your health really is your wealth, no matter what shirt you put on your back. As we plough through life, inevitably some of our screws and bolts will become loose, needing tightening, or fall out altogether and require replacing. 

As women we’re locked in battle with our bodies, thanks to an unforgiving society that seems to have big issues with the natural ageing process, making us feel constant pressure to jab needles in our face to try to look younger.

jumper by Navygrey, Trousers by Zara, boots by Ivylee Copenhagen, bag by Bottega Veneta 

Against this background, it’s so important that we set aside a little time every day to look after ourselves – take the vitamins, do the exercise, get the sleep. Then we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

I think that’s why I enjoy clothes so much because, whatever your age, there’s nothing more joyful than dressing up – the feel of a silk shirt on your skin or the softness of a nice knit; how a good dress can make you feel the best version of your feminine and attractive self.

It’s the colour of Greek tavernas and Van Gogh’s starry night 

The same applies to embracing the allure of certain colours. This week I want to celebrate cobalt blue – the colour of Greek tavernas and Van Gogh’s starry night. 

Every spring I’m drawn to this vivid shade, which evokes memories of balmy nights sitting chatting with a glass of rosé in your hand and a wicker basket tucked by your bare feet. I love to wear it with lighter blues, like this jumper, above, in Harris Blue from Navygrey knitwear; or to pair Zara trousers like these with a simple white T-shirt.

The latest collections show that cobalt is as strong a player as ever – Balenciaga, McQueen and Off-White all punctuated their spring/summer presentations with it.

So although friends might be plucking their greying eyebrows – and I might be buying more vitamins than ever, while keeping my fingers crossed – there’s all the more reason to wear your best outfits whenever you can. So buy the shoes, enjoy your body and step out in your favourite clothes!

Frame changers

Sunglasses, £390,

Sunglasses, £390,

With excellent craftsmanship since 1970, Linda Farrow was one of the first designers to treat sunglasses as an important fashion accessory. Its current designs are all fabulous too. Be inspired by Jackie O and think bigger when the sun finally returns.

A classic cincher 

Belt, £150,.

Belt, £150,.

 London-based brand Rixo is well known for its prints, but the accessories also pack a stylish punch. The August gold metal belt has square chain swirls reminiscent of a Greek key. It glams up jeans and a shirt, and suits most occasionwear. 

Spring’s It-knit

Cardigan, £95,.

Cardigan, £95,.

Pared-back or statement, slim-fit or oversized, a cardigan is a trans-seasonal favourite. Sézane’s Gaspard design has been a bestseller for the French label. I’m a big fan of its softness and versatility. Come evening, wear it back to front and tucked into a pair of trousers.