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The evolution of slot machine market in a context of global growth

Casinos and gambling are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. This is why several studies predict strong growth in the slot machine market in the coming years. What reasons do market analysts give for this?

Why is the slot machine market growing so much?

Perhaps you play slot machines from time to time. You press or click a button and several reels start spinning. Then you just have to hope that the random number generator makes them stop on the right combination of symbols, whether in a real casino or in an online casino, such as JazzySpins. Slots can be very emotional but always play in moderation. The market for slot machines is likely to grow strongly in the next few years.

A market study published by Hexa Research offers several explanations. To begin with, the slot machine market can grow because governments around the world are taking supportive initiatives to legalize gambling providers and to inform and protect users. In addition, casino revenues can be partially spent on social development, which can increase local public interest in slot machines and their providers.

Slot machines are developed by both multinationals and small companies. The growth expected in the coming years can also be explained from a technological point of view. Consider the fact that slot machines are nowadays very easily accessible, especially on many online platforms. The sale of virtual slot machines has been completely stimulated by this. In addition, these machines are increasingly using new technologies, such as virtual reality. This again attracts the attention of the consumer.

Where will the slot machine market grow?

According to the Orbis Research study, North America is also the largest market for slot machines, a market that is likely to grow even more in the coming years, given the number of casinos in this region of the world. The key to good local growth is the legalization of gambling, particularly in Mexico, the US, and Canada. Local companies are also offering online gaming, which is of interest to players around the world.

The study published by Hexa Research predicts that most of the market will ultimately be in Europe. There are more and more slot machines based on skills in this part of the world. Also worth mentioning are the many new and very modern games, also available in mobile versions, which are very popular with the public.

And then, of course, there is the Asia-Pacific region. These look set to be very profitable in the years to come. Countries such as Japan have many casinos. Here too, local companies are offering new games and mobile applications to attract players. This new offer also seems to stimulate the growth of the local market.