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The incredible triple zero call that saved the life of a premature baby girl

‘Please help me!’: Listen to the incredible triple zero phone call in which first responders save the life of a premature baby girl

  • A distraught mother called triple zero after her baby girl stopped breathing
  • The call operator talked the mother through CPR which saved the baby’s life
  • An ambulance could be heard arriving in the background just minutes later

A life-saving triple zero call has shown the incredible dedication of first responders as an operator worked to save the life of a premature baby girl.

In the emotional and often confronting call, a panicked mother could be heard screaming for help through tears as the calm call operator talked her through the life-saving process. 

The tiny infant was unresponsive and had stopped breathing leaving her mother distressed as she waited for an ambulance.

‘My daughter is not breathing, she’s four months old and has only been out of hospital for three weeks,’ the mother could be heard saying.

‘Please help me!’ 

While the call operator diverted an ambulance to the home, she simultaneously talked the mother through the process of CPR step by step. 

‘I want you to place your hand on your forehead and place the other hand underneath the neck and tilt the head back,’ she said.

After clearing the airway did not result in any breathing the call operator explained how to perform chest compression on the tiny baby.

‘I want you to get your index finger and another finger and I want you to pump the chest hard and fast,’ the call operator said.

A distraught mother was talked through the process of CPR by a call operator after her premature baby stopped breathing (stock image)

As the mother sobbed and performed the chest compressions her speech became incomprehensible as her daughter still laid unresponsible

But the call operator pushed on and instructed the mother to breathe into her daughters mouth. 

The process was repeated multiple times until signs of life appeared as the infant vomited and started to take tiny breaths as ambulance crews could be heard arriving at the house less than six minutes after the call began.

It comes as first responders continue to be more critical than ever as police, hospital workers and emergency crews all work to care for people impact by the coronavirus.