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The Legend of Drizzt: a series of fantasy novels by R. A. Salvatore

Web series vs Books

There are so many TV adaptations of novels into web series. One example could be taken of the famous vampire diaries based in L.J Smith’s book. Its TV series got too famous but of course, it required so many changes. Adapting a literary work and transforming it into an original-like web series is the real job. The changes required are from characters to the setups, storyline, dialogues, and whatnot. Few changes turn out to be great while others do not work.

The pilot episode of the vampire diaries attracted a ton of audience. It was a show based on supernatural things with frictional cinematography which attracted an audience at another level. People might not have enjoyed the book version of the stories than the virtual series.

Despite knowing that good graphical web series attract more audience and it is easy for them to grab the plot, why not every best novel get adaptation?

The fans of Legend of Drizzt know how to feel this pain. R.A Salvatore’s series is one of the best readers. There are so many books on Drizzt with a fantastic storyline and extraordinary characters. It revolves around the story of great dungeons and dragons. Displaying all these fantasy scenes would be the biggest catch for Netflix if it does one. But the point is why has nobody adapted it as web series as of yet?

Maybe because no one has ever gotten the message this fantasy story delivers. Salvatore’s aim of creating Drizzt was to represent the issue of racial discrimination. The novel clearly displayed how society rejects people on basis of color, creed, and caste. Drizzt was seen afraid for his offspring that society may reject or bully them on racial differences. Although it was a fictional character the internal struggles he went through were all real. This point is enough to get an adaptation.

But the reason for not getting one maybe because society considers racial discrimination in various connotations. It has become a taboo on which the majority of societies are segregated today. But people still love to watch those series that are far away from reality. Another remarkable point described in the novel is about discipline, morality, and power.

Despite a ranger, he never forgets the nature of discipline embodied in his every act. He is not afraid of norms and is always trusted to do the right thing. These are the characteristics that form one personality and not the vampires.  The vampire has nothing to do with this world, nor does it displays any fruitful message that can help society grow and develop.

Therefore, the only major reason for Legend of Drizzt for not getting adapted could be that the audience might feel it boring despite the strong message it conveys. The excuse of cinematography or fantasy graphics cannot be bought in the era of technology. Or maybe it is that difficult to mold its characters, storyline, or even dialogues to make a better TV series as compared to the book.

Another reason for no adaptation of Drizzt could the disappointment factor. The readers are so overwhelmed by the series of the novel they have read. Drizzt is not getting a franchise because the producers might not be able to display all the things on TV in the same very manner as mentioned in the novel. Hence, turnings fans into critics. Therefore, no franchise is in a position to take so much criticism against the most popular series at the moment.

Well, no matter how many changes are required, adaptation into TV series is always the best means to earn fans.