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The nation’s favourite Christmas chocolates revealed

Seasonal selection boxes are a festive tradition – but there is always one treat families will scrabble to get their hands on.

While the lucky few will tuck into a Maltesers Teasers in front of a roaring fire this Christmas, the weaker members of the group will be left to sift through a sorry-looking tub of discarded Milky Way and Mars bars.

But what are the nation’s favourite selection chocolates?

A YouGov study of selection boxes found the most popular treats are ‘the Purple one’ in a Quality Street tub, a Maltesers Teaser in a box of Celebrations, Hazel and soft caramel in a Roses tub and a Twirl in a tub of Cadbury’s Heroes.


Maltesers Teasers is the most popular small treat in a box of Celebrations with 39 per cent of Brits naming it as their favourite or one of their favourites. 

It was ahead of second-placed Galaxy (29 per cent) and Galaxy Caramel (27 per cent) in third.

It seems Britain’s love affair with the Mars bar is officially over, as it was the least popular choice with just 15 per cent of people choosing to select it from a Celebrations tub.

Cadbury Heroes

It’s a close run thing when it comes to a box of Cadbury Heroes with the Twirl narrowly edging out the Dairy Milk as the most popular treat with 34 per cent.

The Eclair is the chocolate no one really wants, with only 17 per cent declaring it their favourite or one of their favourites.

It’s unlikely many families will squabble over a Creme Egg Twisted or Fudge from the selection box either.

The nation's favourite Christmas chocolates revealed

Quality Street  

‘The Purple One’ is likely to be the first chocolate to disappear from a Quality Street tub this Christmas, with 37 per cent of people saying it is one of their favourites.

The caramel and nut treat stands far ahead of its second placed rival, the Green Triangle, on 27 per cent.

By contrast, the Coconut Eclair is the Quality Street chocolate most likely to remain unwanted at the bottom of the tub over the festive season, with only 13 per cent saying it is one of their favourites.

The nation's favourite Christmas chocolates revealed

Cadbury Roses

Hazel and soft caramel are the most popular flavours in the Roses tub, with the top three Roses containing one or both. 

Britain’s favourite Rose is Hazel in Caramel at 28 per cent, followed by the Golden Barrel (simply soft caramel in chocolate) on 25 per cent and Hazel Whirl also on 25 per cent.

At the bottom end of the rankings were the Caramel Bite and Brazilian Darkness, with just 10 per cent of people marking them as their favourite chocolate. 

The nation's favourite Christmas chocolates revealed