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Top 4 Venues in Edinburgh

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As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has a wide array of activities for people of all ages. It has even been deemed to be the safest city in the United Kingdom. An overwhelming majority of people enjoy the views. Due to this, it makes it the perfect place for a family vacation, event, or celebration as it boasts a wide array of locations to host these parties and celebrations. The main problem becomes trying to distinguish which place would be perfect to set the mood of the celebration, and which to steer clear of. Below are several tried and tested suggestions.

Edinburgh Castle

With a catering capacity of 250 people and a meeting capacity of 150 people, this location is perfect for large events. In addition, it is situated in the middle of town and, as such, is close to multiple hotels and the public transportation system, making sure that everyone has easy access to it. This location has been used before as a tourist attraction but also for wedding receptions. The elegance and romance of a castle is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

Festival Theatre

Another popular location, this large theatre can hold around 100 people for a celebration with all sorts of acts for amusements. There are raffles, magicians, comedians, and more that perform onstage for family and friends to laugh at and enjoy. Originally founded in 1990, it has now produced over a hundred plays and dozens of world-renowned performers, even including musicians. Their mission is to “make the arts welcoming to all people as an essential part of their wellbeing and for the vitality of the community.”

The Melting Pot

Unlike the other two venues, this one is suited for business and is called a co-working space. It can cater up to 100 people and has multiple five-star reviews due to the professional atmosphere that helps productivity increase. They support social innovation for the past several years and for those who want to book it as a venue, they offer an assortment of local foods to help workers get a small taste of Scotland culture. This is a perfect venue hire Edinburgh can offer for those who want a location also close to the centre of the city.

National War Museum

A more sobering location than the previous ones, this venue can also hold up to 100 people and is perfect for any history enthusiast. With hundreds of primary sources such as chemical warfare suits, letters drafted, and artefacts used over the centuries, this venue is sure to capture anyone’s attention for hours as well as educate them about the world. Quiet, formal, and relaxing, it is the perfect venue for anyone looking for a splash of cultural perspective.

There are hundreds of venues for hire in Edinburgh, making it difficult to pick the perfect one. As no person can visit them all in a short amount of time, using certain companies such as VenueFinder may help narrow down the choices, leading to a perfect trip or ceremony no matter the occasion.

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