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Top Four Fast Foods That Can Be Disastrous For Your Health by Israel Figa

No matter the continent, country, city, or town we live in, we will always find fast food there. Over the course of a century, the demand for fast food has grown extensively. The fast-food business keeps growing and its revenue is going sky-rocket with every passing year.

Just to measure the scale of the fast-food business’s revenue, the combined revenue that the fast-food business made from the year 2018 & 2019 was around $1.5 Trillion.

Israel Figa’s Concern over Fast Food Consumption

The majority of doctors and health nutritionists are completely against the consumption of fast foods at any given time. The reason behind their resistance against the fast-food industry is the method that the industry uses in order to attract more and more customers.

Even one of the biggest food chains ‘McDonald’s’ faces constant resistance from health organizations around the world for being one of the main reasons why people are becoming heart patients around the world.

At present, more than 43% of America’s daily fast food consumption comes from McDonald’s and around 430 million people from around the world consume McDonald’s fast food on a daily basis.

Consuming fast food on a daily basis not only makes you obese but also gives birth to numerous diseases and even heart diseases inside your body. The credit for such a high obesity rate from fast food goes directly to the Trans fats that the fast-food chains add to their foods to make them tastier. Unfortunately, people do end up causing extreme harm to their health just to get some taste out of the products they consume.

Israel Figa Names Top 4 Fast Food Products that Can Destroy Your Health

As per Israel Figa, no matter the kind of fast food, it is and will always be harmful to our health. However, there are some of the major fast foods that are consumed globally and are far more injurious to our health than any other fast food.

Fries & Burgers

Considered as one of the most common fast food type, when we see burgers with fries, it is very hard to say no. However, Israel Figa says that we should always avoid having such fast foods. If we do end up finding ourselves at the fast-food chain counter, we should step back and find our way out of there as soon as possible.

One of the most common types of burgers and fries is the double cheeseburger and large fries where it all starts from. When we consume these products, we end up consuming 1,200 calories. On top of calories, we end up consuming up to 1700mg of Sodium from the same deal. This amount comprises 74% of our daily needs.

Israel Figa states that if we end up adding a soda making the deal a combo, we would end up consuming more than 1,500 calories. If we keep consuming the same kind of deals over and over, we would end up increasing our weight, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cause problems in our internal health due to high-sodium and high-fat consumption.


Whether it’s a birthday party or gathering of any sort, it would always be incomplete without a pizza on the table. The consumption of pizza around the world is second only to the consumption of burgers and chips.

As per Israel Figa, if we are consuming an average-sized pepperoni pizza slice, it has chances of containing around 680mg of sodium, 300 calories, and 12g of fats where saturated fats take up to about 5g.

But how many people have you seen who eat just one slice of pizza? Normally, the people eat around 3-4 pieces of pizza before they end up filling up their bellies. So all we need to do is multiply the number of grams for fats and sodium with the number of slices. This would show us how much harm we are causing to our health.

Similar to burgers and fries, consuming too much pizza can lead to high-fat levels ad high-sodium levels that can result in cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Cold-Cut Combo

Another very tempting type of fast food is the cold-cut combos. Israel Figa states that the majority of the workers in the United States tend to prefer cold-cut combos for lunch in their breaks.

The majority of the lunch meats are mainly loaded with saturated fat, carcinogenic, and sodium. These agents are commonly known as nitrites and nitrates that are known for playing key roles in giving birth to cancerous diseases in the body.

If your daily deli meat (ham, turkey, salami, or bologna), is just around 3 ounces, then you end up taking 1300mg of sodium. Israel Figa states that the 1300mg sodium volume is only for the deli meat, the sodium volume can increase significantly once bread, cheese, and condiments are added to the food.

Consuming a single cold-cut combo can fulfill 50% of your daily nutrient requirements so it is better to avoid having cold-cut combos and start eating something different.

Fried Chicken

Admit it, when we have fried chicken in front of us, it is very difficult to eat just 1 or 2 pieces of it. Israel Figa’s research has revealed that the majority of the fried chicken eaters in the United States consume at least half of the full-sized bucket of fried chicken.

Israel Figa reveals that only a single piece of fried chicken contains more than 500 calories, more than 1,200mg of sodium, and 34g of fats.

Consuming too much fried foods can also result in increasing fat-levels and sodium-levels in the body resulting in diseases related to the heart (cardiovascular).

As per the research data, every 40 seconds, a person dies of cardiovascular issues in the United States caused by having fried foods.

Therefore, it is better to put a stop to consuming fried foods or make it an occasional consumption to ensure it does not have huge impacts on one’s health.

Start Working on Your Health Today Before it is Too Late

Over the course of life, Israel Figa has shown tremendous contribution towards the welfare of humanity. For him, what matters the most is people’s health and safety. Israel Figa stated that he knows it is extremely difficult to stop consuming fast food entirely is close to impossible.

However, if one wishes to have a healthy life, then the fast-food consumption should be limited to certain occasions and not daily intakes.

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