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Top NFL draft prospect apologises after racist tweets…

In a development that threatens his status as the top projected pick in Thursday night’s NFL Draft, former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen is under fire after the emergence of since-deleted Tweets that reportedly contained racist epithets. 

According to Yahoo Sports, Allen repeatedly uses the N-word, and in one response to the question ‘Why are you so white?’, replies: ‘If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!’

Allen’s response in this case seems to be a reference to the sit-com ‘Modern Family.’  

Just hours before NFL teams make their selections for the 2018 draft in Dallas, Allen scrambled to apologize for the posts, saying he was ‘young and dumb’ when he wrote them in 2012-2013, according to ESPN.

The 21-year-old quarterback is regarded as a potential top-five pick in this year’s draft, which gets under way on Thursday.

However the emergence of his social media posts made in high school is likely to see him tumble down the expected pecking order.

In an interview with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen on Thursday, Allen said the revelation has put him ‘in a panic,’ but explained that the tweets did not reflect his character.

‘If I could go back in time, I would never have done this in a heartbeat,’ Allen said. ‘At the time, I obviously didn’t know how harmful it was and now has become.

‘I hope you know and others know I’m not the type of person I was at 14 and 15 that I tweeted so recklessly. … I don’t want that to be the impression of who I am, because that is not me. I apologize for what I did.

‘It sucks. My family is hurting. We never envisioned a day or night like this.’

Allen has been talked about as a possible number one pick in the draft, the annual event which sees the 32 teams in the National Football League take turns in recruiting the top players from college gridiron.

The Cleveland Browns, who own the number one pick in this year’s draft, are reported to be considering Allen as the top pick.

On Tuesday Allen said he would relish the challenge of being chosen No.1 overall by the Browns.

‘I would love to have that pressure on my shoulders because I’ve always thrived in those situations, and I feel like Cleveland would be a great spot to be,’ said Allen.

Allen’s case echoes the social media controversy surrounding Laremy Tunsil in 2016. Video of Tunsil appearing to smoke marijuana through a gas mask emerged on draft day two years ago, bumping him down the order. He was later selected by the Miami Dolphins.


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