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Two letter bombs explode in Dutch postal offices 

Two letter bombs explode in Dutch postal offices

  • Suspected letter bomb exploded at business park in Amsterdam around 8am 
  • Second device exploded in city of Kerkrade, 120 miles away, 30 minutes later
  • Comes a month after letter bombs were sent to businesses around Netherlands 
  • Police are investigating both explosions, with no injuries reported at either site

Two explosions rocked the Netherlands on Wednesday morning as suspected letter bombs went off in two separate mail depots.

The first blast occurred around 8am in a business park in Amsterdam to the west of the city centre, with police rushing to the scene but no injuries reported.

A second bomb then exploded in another mail depot in the city of Kerkrade, 120 miles to the south, around 30 minutes later. Again, no injuries were reported. 

A letter bomb detonated in the postal office of this building in Amsterdam around 8am Wednesday, before a second device exploded a short time later in the city of Kerkrade

The explosions come a month after letter bombs were posted to addresses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht.

None of those packages exploded.

Investigations into Wednesday’s blasts are in the early stages, and police have not officially linked them together.

Officers were also unable to say whether the fresh blasts were linked to the bombs sent out last month. 

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