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Using a Blogger Outreach Service for White-Hat Promotion in 2020

Whether you want to increase brand awareness for your company, grow the audience of your blog or improve search engine ranking of your website, these days you can hardly find a more effective and efficient approach than reaching out to important influencers in your industry and persuading them to let you write guest posts for their blogs. It is beneficial in a variety of ways: it provides an influx of fresh targeted traffic to your resources, exposes your brand to carefully chosen audiences, earns you backlinks from high-authority websites that increase your ranking and much more. You can do it by yourself, and probably nobody knows best how to impress all the positive features of your business on the listener. An alternative is to use a blogger outreach service or a guest blogging agency. Here are some reasons why you should consider doing it in 2020.

1. It is more effective

Usually, blog posting services have an existing network of connections with blog owners and webmasters specializing in different industries. They do not have to waste time establishing contacts with individual bloggers and influencers (unless you have a very peculiar and rare niche). Normally, preparing for pitching a guest post to a blog can take weeks if not months. A guest posting agency can start spreading your posts and promoting your business immediately.

2. It saves your time

Blogger outreach is hard, time-consuming and requires a rather special skillset. You may find it to occupy a big enough share of your time to affect the core activities of your business in a negative way. Take a look at this guide to pitching your guest posts on, and you will see how complicated it can get. Also, take into account that it is just one stage of the process: one also should look for suitable blogs, evaluate their audiences, maintain communications with their owners and provide subsequent support of the post. Multiply it by the number of posts you have to make (they should appear regularly to provide significant effect), and you will see that it is enough for a full-time job. By hiring a guest posting service, you delegate it to professionals with an already established workflow.

3. It will help you reach out to the right bloggers

The success of a guest posting strategy almost completely depends on the right choice of blogs to post on. When it is not done right, you may spend weeks negotiating a post, write it for a few days and later promote it in comments, only to discover that the effects are negligible. Usually, it is not the result of your poor writing or insufficient efforts, but of the fact that the blog was a poor fit from the outset. A good blog posting service has specialists not just in writing but in SEO and analytics as well. They know what blogs the best suit this or that type of business.

4. It will help you if you are no good at writing

You may not think so until you try for yourself, but writing is hard. Writing content that is the slightest bit memorable is extremely hard. Unless you are already confident in your writing skills and the ability to regularly produce high-quality, original, valuable posts your potential audience will be happy to read and share, hiring a guest post agency will probably be a more suitable choice.

5. Its saves you money

Hiring somebody to do work you can do yourself may sound a bit counter-intuitive, but you should consider your comparative advantages. As a business owner, you have a set of core activities, which should primarily be focused on increasing your sales, improving your products or services, expanding to new locations and improving your organization. Blogger outreach is not something you can do in your spare time – it will take many hours every day for a long time, the hours you can better spend focusing on the core competencies of your business. Delegating this job to professionals is likely to save you more money because you can earn more by doing your own job better.

Blogger outreach is considered one of the most promising white-hat promotion tactics for the next year – the sooner you start using it, the better!

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