We Bet You Didn’t Realize These Casino Tricks

Losing track of time isn’t a unique experience. On the contrary, it’s quite common.

It may be a different process at a live dealer casino, but the truth is, there are a few tricks that casinos have up their sleeves. It’s how they get us to stay there so long. Picture this: you have a pocket full of cash, and you want to play a round of two, and maybe have a cocktail.

A few hours later, you have no clue what happened.

But, this doesn’t stop you at all. You make your way to an ATM, withdraw enough cash to keep the night going and play all night until you win something. In the end, you realize you have lost more than you anticipated.

The truth is, the casino is always the winner. How exactly do they get us to play for so long without even realizing what’s happening?

This is the art of getting people to stay. Casinos know a thing or two about getting gamblers hooked.

At the establishment, you’re addicted to the thrill of winning, seeing yourself get lucky, and feeding off the energetic surroundings. Whether you’re spinning, throwing the dice, or drawing cards, there’s nothing as exciting as the adrenaline rush you get when you strike gold.

Playing With Chips Instead of Cash

You’re gambling with actual money when you double down on a craps table or go all out on a round of Texas hold’em. Except it doesn’t feel like that since you exchanged your cash for bright tiny chips that symbolize real money.

It’s far simpler to wager large with chips than it is with actual cash, and the defeats aren’t as painful. Many casinos also allow you to put funds onto a card that could be used on online games, allowing you to separate your gaming from your real-money spending.

Not Knowing the Time At All

In a casino, you would never see a clock on any wall. This is the oldest trick in a casino’s book.

The owners actually want you to lose track of time, not caring how many hours you’ve spent or what time of day or night it is, so you’ll just keep trying your luck. Use your own wristwatch or smartphone if you really want to tell the time.

Getting Lost in the Casino

Casinos are purposefully made to be confusing. There are no distinct passageways between sections of the playing area or straight hallways leading to exits.

Instead, winding passageways and deliberately positioned gaming areas are meant to draw your interest as you go through, persuading you to stop and play a game of roulette or put a few bucks into a gambling machine while you were on your way to the toilet or even out the exit.

Drinking For Free

If you’re a casino owner, excessive drinking is the best possible outcome for a gambler. Since alcohol reduces inhibitions and distorts judgment, it is given constantly to the players at the card tables, slot games, or on the racing screens.

And, aside from the little tips that each quality customer leaves for the waiter, the alcohol is frequently free.