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What are the career opportunities of a public health major?

Public health is a broad field in healthcare that is demanding even more professional personnel than before. Public health has significant contributions to the health sector, and it will continue to offer more services for people’s health. Whether it is the technology or medical practitioner or cure for a disease, these all were made possible with public health. Now the patients can quickly contact the doctors and receive a prescription without leaving their house. These all are the reason why public health is one of the growing fields in healthcare. The primary purpose of public health is to view the population as a whole and protect their health with research and strategies.

Most people picture public health as medical clinics and awareness programs for the public. But in fact, the field of public health is quite broader than just these activities. Public health focuses on identifying rising diseases and creating efficient measures to control them. Now with the world facing a pandemic challenge, the burden on public health has also increased. Currently, public health professionals are required to create strategic plans to contain the disease while ensuring the safety of the people. With this rise in demand for professionals, the career in public health is a wise choice to go for in this era. According to experts, this demand for public health in the healthcare sector is not going to rest anytime sooner in the future. Let’s discuss what the career opportunities for a public health major are.


Earning a degree in public health can open a lot of career opportunities. These opportunities include government jobs, agencies, consulting firms, community public health, and many more. One of these careers also provides healthcare administrators, which is another rising career in healthcare. Healthcare administrators are responsible for managing the health services that come forward in healthcare institutions. The consistent updates in the healthcare regulations have significantly evolved the structure of health services. This evolution has also led to provide personnel for not only hospitals but disaster-relief, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical industries.

Earning a masters in public health online programs can allow students to broaden their expertise while attracting countless career opportunities. Not only that, but a career like healthcare administrator also offers a competitive salary for professionals with relevant educational backgrounds. Many people always avoid investing time and money to earn a master’s in public health. A variety of government and healthcare authorities offer outstanding salary packages of $82,000 to $117,000 per year. With this outlook, it is clear that earning a professional degree in public health can result in better career opportunities.


Public health also offers opportunities to pursue a career in epidemiologists. These epidemiologists monitor the rising spread of disease and develop practical solutions to contain them. Moreover, they also track and analyze the pattern of development of illness and injury in humans. This analysis helps healthcare institutions to provide health and reduce adverse outcomes. The world is already facing a severe challenge for fighting a new pandemic that has taught us the significance of the epidemiologist’s professionals and their demand in healthcare.

Degree in public health trains the students for policymaking strategies for infectious diseases and injuries. The combination of different subjects, like biology, mathematics, and statistics, allows the professionals to track the epidemics and their behavior. Apart from the responsibilities, the career also offers competitive salaries for up to $62,900 each year.


Earning a degree in public health can also offer a variety of leadership opportunities for students with interests. Public health education teaches the students for various roles that can assist them in influencing and motivating their team to achieve goals. The professionals can seek a career in public health project managers to achieve their leadership career goals. The primary responsibilities in this career include overseeing the health services and implementing budget plans.

Different NGOs, social work, and government organizations seek professionals for public health project managers. The booms in demand for healthcare officials are also giving rise to the public health project managers to track the progress of health projects. The project managers are incredibly crucial to manage the staff and update the project activities. These professionals earn an average salary of $75,400 each year.


When it comes to rising career opportunities for public health majors, then healthcare consultant is not an exception. The primary purpose of healthcare consultants is to assess the activities and solve different problems in the healthcare institution. These individuals perform various tasks from researching writing reports to improving the efficiency of health operations.

Since they have to oversee the ongoing activities in healthcare institutions, many private healthcare organizations are always looking for professionals in their careers. These individuals can also work with different health initiatives to make their presence felt around the world. Healthcare consultants offer the best solutions to the problems by creating reports and manuals for health procedures and technologies.


A professional degree in public health also allows you to pursue a career in health informatics. These professionals are responsible for carrying out data-related tasks to perform analysis and research by incorporating statistics. Moreover, health informatics specialists also analyze clinical trials and health trends in the demographic of people.

Using the statistical data can allow one to identify the disease behavior. It helps healthcare professionals to develop efficient solutions to treat the patients. For that, the professionals must hold mathematical and computer science skills to collect and manage the data. A major in public health trains the students for genome projects and identifying the sources of issues by using data analysis software.


Those students who are interested in disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle through food can consider pursuing a career in nutritionists. The nutritionist’s coursework subjects include biology, psychology, mathematics, statistics, and sociology. These subjects help the students to identify the problems and critical factors involved to improve health by eating around the world. The professionals can also earn certification for registered dietitian nutritionists and impact even further for fighting the disease by promoting a healthy diet.


In short, public health presents countless career opportunities for the healthcare sector. Each of these careers has its share of roles and responsibilities for performing on professional grounds. With all these careers at disposal, the world needs professionals in the healthcare sectors. In this case, earning a professional degree allows one to expand their career and achieve long-term goals.