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What Does a Hopeless Romantic Mean?

Each one of us has been a hopeless romantic at some of the other points in our lives. It could be when waiting for your 6th-grade crush on the school bus, having a thing for your family friend you grew up with, a guy you can’t get over on a dating app, or even the woman you met in the grocery store at 40.

Being a hopeless romantic somehow has grown to carry a negative connotation around it. It seems appropriate in the movies but raises eyebrows in real life. The hopeless romantic definition seems to completely yank out any element of sweetness and makes a person appear illogical or juvenile. But that may not necessarily be true.

What Is A Hopeless Romantic?

Being a hopeless romantic does not mean that one is immature, inexperienced, or delusional. Rather, they are simply more passionate than those around them. The hopeless romantic meaning simple means one who considers love to be the topmost priority in their lives. And this does not stem from insecurity or neediness but rather just who they choose to be and what they believe in.

Their experiences and tussles with heartbreak seem to have had a profound impact on them. But they don’t let that break their spirit or have a cynical outlook in life because of the same. Their persistence and faith in love is what keeps them going and they choose to never look back.

Hopeless Romantic Personality

The widely understood hopeless romantic definition also typecasts a poetic personality which seems to be true in most cases. They are appreciative of the little things around them and seem to find happiness in the banalities. One of the signs of a hopeless romantic is that they know that love is on their side which keeps them tethered to the world.

Painters, writers, poets – are often hopeless romantics and they let these art forms become a channel to communicate how love makes them feel. Think about all the poetry written by Lord Byron or John Keats that describes love in the most unflinching way. When it comes to the art world, from Picasso to Baudelaire, you can see how love has driven them to madness, and the same shows in their works so beautifully.

Signs Of A Hopeless Romantic

Does the hopeless romantic meaning above ring some bells to you? Do you think you might be a proud member of this tough, little group? Well, we can help you with that. Here are some obvious signs of being a hopeless romantic.

You love seeing people in happy relationships. When walking in a park, you see a couple holding hands and being lovestruck, the same bring you immense joy. Not only are you happy for them, but it also refuels your own belief.

The happy endings in rom-coms give you faith. When Harry finally learns that he is madly in love with his girl Sally in ‘When Harry Met Sally’, your heart can’t help but race with joy when you see that love conquers all.

You take each crush very seriously when you are a hopeless romantic. You do not believe in rebound relationships or casual one-night stands. It is possible that you even end up crashing on the same person for multiple years without doing anything about it because you let the love just consume you.

You pay attention to the smallest things because they mean the most to you. Making soup for your partner, giving them a forehead kiss in the middle of the conversation, or writing them cute notes when they are at work – you like the little moments to be special and hold meaning.

You might hold onto physical objects that remind you of the person you love. Tossing away your ex-boyfriend’s rugged old sweatshirt is not even an option for you. You always want to keep it around because your memories are as dear to you as people are.

Don’t let the world tell you that being a hopeless romantic is a fictionalized reality or just a terrible coping mechanism. None of those things are true.

While hopeless romantics certainly have more depth to them and how they process their experiences, they also learn the ways of the world on their own time. Despite that, they just do not believe in shedding their warm and gooey nature, because for them that is the essence of all.