What Is a Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary (MOM)?

Are there still mail-order marijuana stores?

While some of the regulations surrounding mail-order marijuana have changed a great deal, some pharmacies still do offer mail-order services to people who are interested in legally growing their own marijuana. But, what is the difference between ordering your pot through a local dispensary and ordering it through a reliable online store?

Mail order marijuana stores have been regulated by both the Canadian government and local municipalities in many cases. However, some mail-order cannabis companies have not followed these regulations.

What does this mean for you as a consumer? And, how do you ensure that your medical marijuana will be safe?

As with any other type of medication, mail order marijuana dispensary companies must follow the same guidelines as other suppliers. All products that come from Canada must adhere to all of the country’s laws regarding production and distribution. This means that only high-quality products are sent to the country.

In addition to following the same guidelines as medical marijuana suppliers, these companies also need to make sure that their products are sent to the right addresses. Many mail-order marijuana dispensary companies have poor tracking systems, which allows drugs to be shipped to the wrong addresses time and again.

Recreational Edibles

Can you buy recreational edibles from an unregulated mail-order company in Canada? The answer is no. There have been many concerns over the years about the lack of control over the distribution of recreational cannabis in Canada.

In addition to drug trafficking charges, some local municipalities in Canada have filed legal actions against stores that do not follow all of the necessary guidelines when shipping marijuana edibles.

Since most people will agree that legalized cannabis should be available to anyone who wants it, these local jurisdictions are putting measures into place that could make it very difficult for out-of-state entrepreneurs to participate in Canada’s regulated cannabis market.

By choosing to mail-order marijuana dispensary companies based in Canada, you are putting yourself ahead of the law and avoiding prosecution. By keeping a sharp eye on the industry and following all of the necessary regulations, you can ensure that you are sending only quality products to your clients.

Even though Canadians may view Canada’s legalization of marijuana as a form of legalization, it is still a violation of federal laws to distribute or sell cannabis or accessories.

Can you trust the Canadian government to regulate the cannabis industry adequately and effectively? Most people can’t, and the federal government has known that for years. As a result, they have placed strict controls over the distribution and sale of cannabis in order to protect Canadian citizens from cannabis trafficking and abuse.

Mail-order companies that specialize in mail-order marijuana dispensary services have already been licensed by the Canadian government to provide a safe and secure environment for legitimate business transactions between patients and providers. By hiring these companies to serve your community, you are assured that you will receive only top-quality medical cannabis products.