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What Makes Perfect Potholders?

Whether it’s hot steam coming from a pot with your favorite Friday-night dish or surprisingly tricky handles of a hot wok, the problem of having to grab the nearest towel to save your hands from burning will always follow you around, along with the risk of injuring yourself every time you attempt to take a baking tray out of a hot oven.

Sure, getting better at handling a knife to prevent cuts is a good idea, and it will come to you with careful practice. However, honing the precarious skill of handling hot steel with your own clothes will hardly save you from potential harm when it comes to cookware.

Now, in regards to protecting your hands from dangerous heat, the solution seems quite obvious: potholders. And although potholders may seem like a simple purchase, there are still a few pivotal things to consider.

Firm Grip

While some decorative qualities in such an item may not be as important, what you definitely don’t want to be let down by is what it’s meant to do, to begin with. Firmly holding objects in potholders does require sturdy material that prevents slipping.

Always check potholders for this essential feature.

Thermal Resistance

Having bought potholders, you may have avoided dealing with towels or tissues that get in the way and catch on your kitchen furniture or other utensils, but getting too much heat from a pot through a material that doesn’t provide enough heat resistance is still a possibility.

That is why resistance to high temperatures is absolutely critical in choosing good potholders. Try to look for potholders made from appropriate materials.


It’s not enough for your potholders to be made from heat-resistant materials. To ensure the longevity of service and prevent tearing, it’s crucial to make sure that it’s strong and durable. After all, it’s no use protecting your hands from heat with potholders full of holes.


It’s true that what defines good potholders is how they behave on the outside; but, just like with humans, what’s on the inside also matters a great deal.

Cooking involves lots of activities where hands are your greatest asset; therefore, caring for how they feel in potholders is the least you can do to prevent them from getting too hot and soggy by choosing the right product.

That is why having a comfortable, breathable material on the inside of your potholders is a worthwhile feature to consider.

With all the key moments out of the way, it’s finally time to think of the aesthetic side of the item in question and select the product that appeals to you the most.

Just like these gray/orange potholders, the right potholders should provide a tight grip, reliable heat resistance, as well as comfort for your hands, while their bright color can quickly remind you of their whereabouts in your kitchen.

As with anything visual, choosing the right colors and patterns is completely up to you. Match your potholders with the color of your kitchen furniture or other accessories, or let them stand out on their own. It’s your call.

Remember that choosing the right kitchen accessory can really show just how much more practical and safe your culinary journey can become once you have the necessary means to prevent routine kitchen activities from turning into an unnecessary hassle.

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