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Which Scrum Certification is Best?

There are a lot of certifications, and each of them has certain benefits. Let us compare between CSM and CSPO as of now.

The CSM course will give a candidate an overview of the Scrum framework.

CSM exam

This exam will prepare the candidate and will provide them with the information they need to know about the framework of the scrum. The scrum has a two days trial before the examination so that they can prepare thoroughly. They can give more importance to the points they would have missed out on while preparing.

There are certain points to keep in mind while preparing for the CSM examination.

Importance of two days trial program :

The trial exam helps the candidate to revise the subjects and topics properly. Before they take up, there is a compulsion to take this trial before they appear this examination else they won’t be able to cope up with the process and won’t know anything about the pattern and procedure.

The CSM Certification is about the overall structure overview and not about anything particular. A CSM candidate will have basic ideas for all kinds of management.

Pointers to remember :

Read the first and last line before answering the question as to the question may be tricky to look at but easy to solve

Never fall for different and difficult words :

The officials setting the papers use words purposely so that they can confuse the candidate. It’s also a kind of way to test the intelligence of a candidate by giving in too much unnecessary information so that they are misguided to the wrong point and they get the answer wrong.

It’s an open book examination :

As the examination and the course contain too much knowledge that could not be compressed into the brain at once but for years of experience can do to make the process easier for the candidates. So the organization provides them with an official book that will provide them with every information required to get the exam cleared.

Answer the question by yourself first :

The course or the two-day trail you’ll take will give you insights, and you’ll probably be able to answer questions by yourself and not need options. It shows how important it is that two days test.

Always recheck :

Always recheck the answer before the candidate submits the final answers as the short of time, and the hurry to answer the question might lead them to select wrong answers though they know the right ones. They might do it out of nervousness.


A CSPO candidate is the one who is more into the business side of the organization. Who has a vision for a product and plans everything in a certain way for it to work out.

The CSPM will look more into the particular aspect of the company and not be interested in all the working of the company.

As a CSPO, you will look into customer satisfaction and eliminate the backlog of the products, and this will attract more clients. And thus taking your company to new heights. Company satisfaction is what matters the most, and being the coupon and able to satisfy the customer will increase the demand of the candidate and also of the company.

The more customers, the more the revenue of the company.

Csm, as said before, gives an overview, and the CSPO helps with the growth of the company. They both have different importance in the company due time which to understand the process to how to make the company successful they have to get the knowledge of both the courses so that they can be ahead of other candidates. The candidates need to do it step by step and complete all the courses.

The scrum organization will suggest taking both the courses because it will make the candidate stand out from his fellow candidates and get more important as he will be seen as a knowledgeable person with valuable certificates.

So it depends on the candidates’ interest, which course he wants to go for and what subject matters interests him the most. The scrum organization provides proper knowledge about these certifications.

The company has many other courses that deal with other problems too and teaches how to tackle them. It’s a trusted company. It’s a global organization and has much recognition.

Their candidates are successful and have a lot of success stories to say, and are thankful to the scrum organization.