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While the New F1 Season Is Just Beginning, We Analyze the Favorites for the Title in 2023

While the New F1 Season Is Just Beginning, We Analyze the Favorites for the Title in 2023

Formula One is the biggest and most well-known motorsports event in the world, drawing millions of spectators to racing venues and billions more to television sets to watch the best drivers compete in various events.

Anyone interested in placing a wager on F1 bookmakers should review the 2023 season’s forecasts. With a record 23 races (two of these are already completed: Bahrain Grand Prix and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix), the 2023 season will be the most extensive in the history of the sport.

You should be required to know the F1 Championship predictions for the 2023 season if you call yourself an F1 enthusiast, expert, or bettor. You don’t have to worry if you have self-doubt because this guide has you covered.

You’ll be able to make some profitable bets once you’ve finished reading it or back the right driver during race broadcasts. Learn more about the rules, schedule, drivers, drivers’ championship predictions, and constructors’ champion winner predictions in this post.

Continue reading to learn more.

Updated Formula One Rules

After a huge reset last year, the rules for Formula 1 are mostly unchanged in 2023, but there are still some important sporting and technical adjustments for the next season.

Here’s the list of top 10 rules to keep in mind as a sports fan or bettor in order to create the most accurate F1 betting predictions possible.

  • Stronger roll hoops: To lessen the possibility of tunneling into the earth in the event of an accident, the roll hoop must have a rounded top.
  • Modified ride height and diffusers: Four adjustments, including an additional sensor and increases to the floor edges, diffuser edge stiffness, and diffuser throat height have been approved.
  • An increased number of sprint events: There are now six instead of three sprints.
  • Reduced minimum weight: Between 2 and 796 kg must be reduced, which means that designers have already significantly reduced the minimum weight of each of their most recent challengers.
  • Reduced paddock hours: Throughout the course of all race weekends, the F1 team members’ working hours were cut. In 2023 and 2024, respectively, one and two hours will be lost.
  • All rearview mirrors on Formula 1 cars built to the 2023 specification have undergone changes in an effort to improve drivers’ visibility. The breadth of the reflective surface was expanded by 50mm, from 150mm to 200mm.
  • Fuel in a racing car can’t be cooler than 10 degrees centigrade, or 10 degrees centigrade below the outside temperature, for the 2023 season. The temperature was lowered from 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Trials of DRS and the new qualifying system will take place at two events during the 2023 season to see whether the changes are best for the upcoming championships. DRS will be activated upon the restart of the safety car, at the race’s start, and at the end.
  • Gearbox modifications: Homologated gearbox alterations were only permitted to address reliability issues. At the moment, changes are permitted if procedures, materials, or branded components become unavailable.
  • Clarification on penalties: Drivers who have accrued more than 15 grid placement penalties or who are penalized to begin a race at the back of the grid will start following all other classified racers.

Each of these rules will have a big impact on the championship outcome and betting markets. Thus, if you’re an F1 aficionado, do your best to understand what each one signifies.

A Schedule and Drivers

Leading rivals haven’t altered their driver lineups, and Red Bull has stayed with the same lineup for the third campaign. Moreover, Mercedes and Ferrari haven’t changed. On the other hand, all Formula 1 teams, bookmakers, and enthusiasts already have the 2023 calendar.

The schedule and the list of drivers are shown below. This won’t only provide you with race-related facts but also assist you in locating the most precise Formula 1 prediction.

2023 Calendar

5th  MarchSakhirBahrain Grand Prix
19th MarchJeddahSaudi Arabia Grand Prix
2nd AprilMelbourne, Albert ParkAustralian Grand Prix
30th AprilAzerbaijan, Baku CityAzerbaijan Grand Prix
7th MayMiamiMiami Grand Prix
21st MayImola, AutodromoEmilia Romagna Grand Prix
28th MayMonacoMonaco Grand Prix
4th JuneBarcelonaThe Spanish Grand Prix
18th JuneMontreal, CanadaThe Canadian Grand Prix
2nd JulySpielbergThe Austria Grand Prix
9th JulySilverstone, United KingdomBritish Grand Prix
23rd JulyBudapestThe Hungarian Grand Prix
30th JulySpa, BelgiumBelgium Grand Prix
27th AugustZandvoortDutch Grand Prix
3rd SeptemberMonzaThe Italian Grand Prix
17th SeptemberMarina BaySingapore Grand Prix
24th SeptemberSuzukaThe Japanese Grand Prix
8th OctoberLusail, QatarQatar Grand Prix
22nd OctoberAustin, USAThe US Grand Prix
29th OctoberMexico CityThe Mexican Grand Prix
5th NovemberSão Paulo, BrazilSão Paulo Grand Prix
18th NovemberLas VegasThe Las Vegas Grand Prix
26th NovemberYas Marina, Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Grand Prix

2023 Drivers

Red BullSergio Pérez, Max Verstappen
FerrariCarlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc
MercedesGeorge Russell, Lewis Hamilton
AlpineEsteban Ocon, Pierre Gasly
McLarenOscar Piastri, Lando Norris
Alfa RomeoBottas Valtteri, Zhou Guanyu
WilliamsLogan Sargeant, Alex Albon
HaasNico Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen
AlphaTauriNyck De Vries, Yuki Tsunoda
Aston MartinStroll Lance, Fernando Alonso

F1 Winner of the Drivers’ Championship Predictions

After topping the 2022 season and taking home his second championship by 146 points, Max Verstappen will be the one to beat. After winning the Constructors’ Championship, his team will be eager to pick up where it left off.

It’s not surprising to see Verstappen listed as the favorite to win the 2023 Drivers’ Championship trophy.

The Dutchman starts the 2023 season riding a wave of victories, including the 2023 season where he and the Red Bull team demolished the whole field to win the championship by an astounding 146 points.

Verstappen appeared to be at ease in his new racecar and the Red Bull squad appeared to be speedy throughout the preseason trial, but Sergio Pérez was able to set the fastest time on the third day.

Formula 1 Victor Not Including Verstappen – Predictions

Although Verstappen is the favorite, Mercedes and Ferrari are eager to improve on their subpar season-before results.

As Fernando Alonso demonstrated during the preseason testing that their new racing vehicle for the 2023 campaign appears to have speed in nearly all areas to fight with top teams, Aston Martin may be another team to take into consideration this season.

After having a difficult majority of the 2022 season, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes is the second-favorite to win the 2023 Drivers’ Championship, behind Verstappen. Hamilton and his Mercedes team concluded the campaign stronger despite the little setbacks.

Given that they finished second last season, Charles Leclerc and the Ferrari squad are anticipated to contend for the championship. Pérez and Carlos Sainz are closely behind Leclerc in terms of odds, while George Russell is directly behind him.

The Aston Martin driver Alonso is the favorite to win the Drivers’ Championship not counting Verstappen.

His chances of winning the race outright were pretty good before the preseason testing. He’s the man to watch out for if Verstappen doesn’t perform as anticipated because they did drop drastically following spectacular performances.

F1 Prediction for the Constructors’ Champions Winner

With their performance in the 2022 campaign, Red Bull and Verstappen are the clear favorites to win the Constructors’ Championship again in 2023, according to F1 race predictions. The second-favorite team, Mercedes, and Hamilton will, however, put up a spirited fight against them.

Since 2008, Ferrari and Leclerc haven’t competed in the Constructors’ Championship. Sainz and Leclerc, as well as the entire Ferrari fraternity, including fans everywhere, were irritated by their team’s dependability troubles during the 2022 campaign.