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Why is Dabbing so Popular Amongst Long-time Smokers?

Dabbing is a practice commonly adopted by many teens and adolescents around the world right now. Interestingly, many long-term smokers have adopted this practice, but not without reason.

To help you understand this concept, here is a simple guide that lets you know what dabs mean and how it works. It would also explain why it’s so popular amongst long-time smokers.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a practice that’s very common in the marijuana culture and community. In simple terms, this is when people smoke high amounts of THC. THC is the chemical that gives psychoactive effects when you smoke. More often than not, doing this excessively can be dangerous to health.

This is because a lot of marijuana smokers tend to go too far when doing it. It is essential to practice moderation in every aspect of life, including pleasurable activities like inhalation of marijuana.

Dabs are derivative of the cannabis plant that contains a large amount of THC. The substance that is commonly used to hold the THC is Butane Hash Oil.

The amount of THC in these oils range from 80-90%. This amount is almost six times larger than the concentration found in traditional cannabis products. So, if you’re dabbing, you’re probably smoking the equivalent of at least four joints all at once.

You can partake in this activity with tools from places like Enail and several others that may present similar products. But there is much more to learn here.

Dabbing Is Common Among Long Time Smokers for Several Reasons

This form of smoking is prevalent amongst long-time smokers for two main reasons present below.

Remember that Long Time Smokers Have A High Tolerance for Traditional Cannabis Products

When you smoke, your body begins to build a tolerance to cannabis over time. After a while, you begin to need more and more THC to get high. Since dabs offer a large amount of THC instantaneously, it’s pretty hard to build a tolerance to it. Conversely, it adds immense value.

Their curiosity to try new things

The curiosity to try new things is something that is in every human’s nature. Long-time smokers are no different. Because they’ve been smoking cannabis for a while in the same way, they would most likely want to find a new way to consume THC.

Dabs offer a new and “interesting” way to do this, which is why it’s so popular among long-time stoners now.

Before you start dabbing, make sure you have a slightly good tolerance for regular cannabis. Otherwise, smoking this as a newcomer would provide you with quite a bit of a high.

Other Factors Or Reasons Why Dabbing May Be More Prevalent Over Time

Here are a few other factors to think about when it comes to dabbing and societal acceptance and adoption of this interesting method.

Recent legalization

Because cannabis has been recently legalized by multiple countries worldwide, more and more people are beginning to experiment with the substance. Now, long-time smokers have the liberty to use dabs, which were formerly prohibited due to the legislation. That’s why it’s been growing in popularity recently.

How does dabbing work?

This may be hard to believe, but dabbing is vastly different from smoking. Traditional smoking involves lighting a joint and inhaling. On the other hand, Dabbing involves a person heating the dab to an extremely high temperature and then inhaling.

The THC in the oil is only activated at high temperatures. An oil rig, which is a specially made glass for heating this substance, is used to heat the Butane Hash Oil.

The Bottom Line

Many scientific studies have shown that cannabis provides you with many health benefits. However, this form of concentrated THC provides an immense high. Thus, before you consume dabs, make sure you can handle them.