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Woman loses her hair while dancing in McDonalds

I’ll have a WIG Mac! Hilarious moment clubber’s ponytail flies off her head in hair flick fail while she dances to rap song in McDonald’s

  • Alice Locker from Essex was on a night out with friends when they went for food
  • The 20-year-old tried to dance to some rap music in a late-night McDonald’s
  • Midway through her routine, a long section of Ms Locker’s hair fell on the floor
  • She then fell on the floor herself and began laughing hysterically  

A woman lost a whole chunk of hair after busting a few dance moves in McDonald’s following a night out in London.

Alice Locker, 20, and her friend, Emily Snow, 21, went to the Cirque Le Soir Club in London and decided to head to a nearby McDonald’s to buy some late night supper.

The two women were having a laugh when Ms Snow decided to film her friend Ms Locker dancing and singing along to one of Aitch’s rap songs.

Alice Locker from Essex

Alice Locker, 21, from Essex was out in London with friends when she called into McDonald’s for some late night chicken nuggets

Her hair on the floor

Ms Locker fell on the ground after losing part of her hhair

While waiting for her chicken nuggets, Ms Locker was dancing to some rap music when her hair piece went flying, landing on the floor. She burst out laughing and lost her footing ending up sprawled on the floor as well

Ms Locker, from Essex then proceeded to do a hair flip as part of her dance move.

All of a sudden, a guy next to her asked her: ‘Can you do that hair flip again?’

The 21-year-old flips her head again when all of a sudden, her ponytail extension falls onto the floor in front of a line of customers.

Shocked at what had happened, Ms Locker falls on to the floor in disbelief laughing at her embarrassing debacle.

Speaking about what happened after the video, Ms Snow, from London, said: ‘We picked ourselves up, dusted off and ate our chicken nuggets like anyone would haha, no hair flick fail would prevent that.’

Ms Snow has since posted the video on Twitter with the caption: ‘Do yourselves a favour and watch til the end ahahaha.. “do that hair flip again”‘. 

The clip has since gone viral, gaining over 1.6 million views and 37.3K likes as dozens of users were left hysterical at the moment. 

The video even caught the attention of rap star Aitch, who has since retweeted it to his 106.4K followers.



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