Woolworths Acacia Ridge: Man climbs to top of shelves in TikTok video: Brisbane

Insane moment a screaming shopper climbs ON TOP of an aisle in a busy Woolworths and waves around random items until police arrive

  • Man climbed on top of shelves, refused to come down at a Brisbane Woolworths
  • Footage shows man walking along top of the shelf waving various objects
  • Video went viral on TikTok where viewers expressed concern for his welfare 
  • Woolworths investigating while police said it was mental health-related incident 

Supermarket shoppers were stunned when a man climbed on top of an aisle and refused to come down. 

The incident unfolded at Acacia Ridge Woolworths in Brisbane’s south with footage of the chaos circulating on TikTok.

The man is seen standing on top of shelves splitting the fresh produce section and biscuit/cereal aisle as he moves erratically back and forth.

He grabs a long object as he shuffles along the shelving and then kneels down as several security guards keep a close watch on him.

‘Wilson,’ the man is heard screaming multiple times.

A staff member can heard ordering the person filming to stop.

‘You can’t do it, ‘it’s not allowed,’ the woman claims.

The disorientated and confused man remains put on top of the shelf and swings around a pillar before grabbing cardboard packaging to wave around.

Police officers are seen trying to negotiate with the man and coax him to come down before the video ends as the store shutters come down. 

‘He started ripping into the cereal boxes just as the shutters were closed,’ the woman said.

A man managed to climb to the top of shelves at a Woolworths in Brisbane’s south and refused to come down

Queensland Police said it was unable to comment.

‘Due to the mental health aspects of this incident it is inappropriate for us to provide further details at this time, ‘a spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia.

A Woolworths spokesman confirmed the company is investigating the incident.

The video posted on Saturday and has since gone viral with almost two million views and hundreds of comments.

Some viewers poked fun at the situation while the staff member who demanded the person to stop filming was labelled a ‘Karen.’ 

But not all viewers saw the funny side and expressed concern for the man’s welfare.

‘We’ve just had R U OK day, but still customers want to have a big laugh at mental health and film it,’ one woman commented.

Another added: ‘This poor man needs so much help.’

Viewers expressed grave concerns for the man (pictured during negotiations with police)

Viewers expressed grave concerns for the man (pictured during negotiations with police)

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