10 best strikers through the World Cup

This article will summarize the list of players at each World Cup with excellent strikers, read it to better understand this list of players!

The World Cup is the biggest tournament in the world and the championship trophy has always been the target of every team. Although not many countries have been able to reach this prestigious trophy. But once every 4 years, all over the world becomes vibrant and eager to wait for the champion. 

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Oleg Salenko

The World Cup is a playground for strikers to express themselves, especially for a little-known player before and there can be no better example than the case of Oleg Salenko. The player has only 9 caps for the team in his career (8 matches for Russia and one for Ukraine) and only once attended the World Cup as the top scorer with 6 goals at the 1994 World Cup in 1994. America. And O. Salenko also set the record for the most goals scored in a game (5 goals against Cameroon, 1 goal against Sweden). O. Salenko was also the only player to win the title of Top Scorer (with H. Stoichkov) whose team was eliminated from the group stage.

Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker, despite failing to keep up with Bobby Charlton’s record of multiple goals, is England’s best scorer in the World Cup. G. Lineker won the 1986 World Cup top scorer with 6 goals, including 3 against Poland – a match that seemed like he could not kick. Lineker said, “I feel sorry for the previous result and was almost eliminated from the game against Poland because the previous series did not score. Luckily, I still got into the field to meet the Polish team”. Lineker scored three more and England was eliminated by Argentina with a hand from D. Maradona. Four years later, at the 1990 World Cup, Lineker scored four goals, bringing his own World Cup goals to 10.

Gary Lineker is England’s best scorer in the World Cup

Just Fontaine

Just Fontaine is a former French football player. He is the man who holds the record for most goals scored in a World Cup final, with 13 goals in the final round in 1958, and is the only player to score in all the matches of the national team when participating in a World Cup.

No player has scored the most goals at a World Cup like Just Fontaine. Fontaine played only five games for France in the five years prior to 1958. World Cup and there he scored 13 goals with three hat-tricks and one four (third league match).


As a famous Brazilian football player, his nickname is Peito de Aço (Steel Chest). Vava is one of four players to score goals in two World Cup finals. Only four players in history have scored in two different finals, three of whom were Pele (1958, 1970 final), Z. Zidane (1998, 2006) and P. Breitner (1974, 1982). But the first to score in two consecutive finals was Vava (1958 and 1962) and later won the Golden Shoe. However, Vava was overshadowed by his own Brazilian team-mates, with none other than Pele and Garrincha.

The first person to score in two consecutive finals was Vava

Sandor Kocsis

Sandor Kocsis (September 21, 1929 – July 22, 1979) is a Hungarian soccer player. He is considered one of the greatest figures in Hungarian football history, as well as one of the most unhappy footballers in the world.

In Hungary, the person most talked about is F. Puskas, but the player to score the most goals at the World Cup is S. Kocsis. This player scored 11 goals in 1954. In The World Cup final against Germany, Kocsis suffered an ankle injury and did not score, which is also the reason why the Hungarian team came in second.

Miroslav Klose

Born June 9, 1978, in Opole, Silesia, Poland a German footballer of Polish origin playing as a retired striker. Klose is the player holding the record for most goalscorer for Germany in history. M. Klose’s German domestic league scoring record is admirable – 206 goals/ 524 games and the national team is also excellent: 68 goals/ 131 matches, of which 14 are in the World Cup. With 14 goals in the World Cup, M. Klose is only worse than Ronaldo’s (Brazil) record and equal to Gerd Muller (Germany). To attend the 2014 World Cup, M. Klose’s World Cup scoring record could be even higher.

Klose is the player holding the record for most goalscorer for Germany in history

Paolo Rossi

Paolo Rossi’s case was special – he did not appear to have been to the 1982 World Cup because he was involved in a match-fixing scandal in 1980 and was banned for two years. Rossi returned to the squad for the 1982 World Cup after serving a two-month suspension and had little time to regain his form. Italian coach Enzo Bearzot said, “I know, if Rossi does not come to Spain, I will not have a shot-breaker in the penalty area.” At first, it seemed like his “gamble”. Bearzot failed when Rossi played pretentiously after two years of not playing football, but from the second round, Rossi awoke, he scored a hat-trick against the Brazilian and Italian team to beat this “alien” team with the score 3- 2. The semi-final double against the Polish team and the opener against the German team, Rossi scored a total of 6, won the top scorer award and helped Italy to win that year. Rossi also scored three – a total of nine in the World Cup.


In the list of best players at the World’s Cup, it is impossible not to mention Pele. Pele’s highlights are its four-season World Cup period and his goals across the two World Cups. Pele was injured in 1962 and 1966, but at the 1958 and 1970 World Cups, he scored 10 of the 12 World Cup goals, including three in two finals. Pele was the youngest player ever to make it to the final and to score (1948 World Cup final, scoring twice against Sweden in a 5-2 win over Brazil.

Gerd Mueller

Soccer “Emperor” F. Beckenbauer once said, “Without Gerd Mueller and his goals, we would still be in our little wooden hut”. Mueller scored 10 goals at the 1970 World Cup, but his most memorable moments came four years after he scored the decisive goal that defeated the mighty Dutch team in the final, helping the German side crown the championship. 1974 final also ended Mueller’s international career. G. Mueller Bernd Holzenbein’s teammate once said, “He cannot be compared to anyone, not even Pele”.

Gerd Mueller is one of the best goalscorers of all time in football history


Ronaldo is not only the greatest striker of his generation but also one of the greatest strikers of all time. Ronaldo’s career through the World Cups is truly magnificent. Ronaldo won the Golden Ball with four goals in the 1998 World Cup, but the story of Ronaldo around the final against France is still a question mark. Nearly four years later, injuries seem to have ruined the career of the greatest player when Ronaldo failed to attend the 2002 World Cup qualifiers and was only in the final round. There, he scored 8 goals, including both in the Brazilian final against Germany 2-0. Ronaldo’s goals put Brazil in the 5th World Championship. In the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldo scored three more goals for a total of 15, surpassing Gerd Muller’s record (14 goals) and being the only player after Jurgen Klinsmann to score at least three in three different World Cups. Ronaldo is a special talent.