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3 Most Exciting Marketing Video Trends in Editing and Production

Video is dominating the digital marketing space. With attention spans growing smaller every second, video is becoming a behemoth of search.

Nearly 65% of business executives claim they visited the website only after viewing a branded video. That’s a huge opportunity. On top of the popularity of video, there are some great new trends in editing and production to pay attention to so your video stands out from the crowd.

Here we go over the most exciting ones.

  1. Accessibility for All Viewers: Captions and More to Make Sure Everyone Can Watch Your Video

More and more, people are becoming aware of the needs of the many over the needs of the few. While it used to be assumed that everyone would be able to watch and hear a video people are realizing the importance, especially in digital marketing, to account for those that can’t.

In the editing studio, you can add subtitles and/or captions to make the video accessible to both the Hard of Hearing and Deaf communities. This also makes the video more viewable to those watching on their mobile device who don’t want to disturb those around them.

Through the alt text and descriptions, you can write out what’s included in the video so people with difficulty seeing will be able to hear the video through screen readers and other means.

Being inclusive means your video is more effective to the whole audience. Also, it is far more easy to read by Google bots and is more likely to rank in search engines. Win-Win.

  1. Short and Sweet Wins the Day

While longer videos work on certain platforms, advertising and marketing videos should be short. We are talking really short little snippets of info to wet the appetite of your consumer.

These short snippets, just long enough to fit into a Facebook or Instagram story, or a quick Snap, are the key to building excitement around your brand. There are tools to help you cut video online so you can turn your long-form recordings into digestible nuggets of info.

These little snips can be pre-cursors to a longer-form video later on or, the building blocks towards a right hook of a CTA to buy your product.

  1. Moving Towards Vertical Video Being Less of an Annoyance and More Preferred Over Horizontal Footage

With more and more people using their smartphones for everything the trend is moving towards producing video in a vertical format.

This way, you don’t have to flip your device to get the best angle and the video is intended to be viewed on mobile. In addition, many consumers are switching to watching TV and video not on traditional television sets but tablets and other vertically oriented screens.

By keeping this in mind during production you can make videos that work better than the competition on mobile.

Use These Video Trends in Your Marketing Campaigns and Win the Award for Best ROI

We hope these newest video trends get you pumped for the next video you produce.

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