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5 Best and Easiest Ways to Earn Bitcoins in 2021

Disasters-filled years since 2020, in which the COVID-19 epidemic killed the most loved celebrities. Has completely ruined our finances. For crypto investors, we have come up with some easy ways for you to invest with Bitcoin in 2021. When investing with bitcoin you are going to have the best and an attractive way to increase your earnings with some passive methods in it.

Bitcoin is going to become the most profitable thing on earth.  Big companies like PayPal are also investing in it. The thought of bitcoin being a fraud no longer exists and is legal now. Since everyone is now inclining toward bitcoin, here are 5 top ways in which you can earn Bitcoin in 2021.

Bitcoin Mining

It is like solving complex math problems to generate a new bitcoin. By this, new bitcoins are introduced into the circulation. Mining software is used for this in which computer power is used to mine cryptocurrency. You get rewards for mining in the form of digital currency.

These software’s are automated therefore no technical skills are required at all. Some of the mining software’s are Krypto, BeMine, Hashing24, Kudo Miner, etc.  You also need a mining pool membership. In this, a group of miners pools their computers to mine for bitcoin collectively.

Mining pools are considered more successful than individual mining because it increases the probability of forming a bitcoin. By mining, one can earn cryptocurrency without having to put money into it.  In short, one cracks a mathematical code fastest and earns a bitcoin. It’s a kind of race that solves a block first and gets rewarded.


This requires knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency. So before doing this, one must be fully aware of the nature of the currency and all the sudden changes in this field. Fair trading, you need to know some basics like- What changes bitcoin price. Like when there is finite supply or there are some security concerns. It can be single-day trading or swing trading. You need to look at the current trend and then decide your strategy.

You can also buy bitcoin and hold it for some time. But this requires a lot of practice so you should choose wisely. Then you need to choose the way you can get exposure to bitcoin. You should go long when you expect prices to rise but go short when you know the price is going to fall. You should also manage the risks by stopping and limiting yourself at the time you feel like it.

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Cryptocurrency Wages

Salaries used to come in packets years ago. Then it changed to cheques and now bank transfers. New Zealand was the first country to legalize cryptocurrency wages. It has many pros and cons. It brings everyone to the currency ladder. By this everyone will be able to invest some part of their salaries into cryptocurrency.

It has increased security which will make it safe from thieves and hackers. But there are more cons to it. The tax you will have to pay can be more than the income. Also, you keep your password safe with you and not forget it. Also, the lack of regulation lags behind.

Interest Accounts/Staking Rewards

You can earn interest on bitcoin by a savings account. Staking has a large part in earning from crypto. Obviously, there is risk in this but the interest earned is so high that it doesn’t matter. F

or staking cryptocurrency there are some minimum requirements which are having a minimum required amount of cryptocurrency, you must hold cryptocurrency in an online wallet that allows staking, the holding period should be met before staking.

In staking, one is basically lending his crypto to verify the transactions on the network, and in return, he gets the reward in form of crypto. It is a kind of additional income for investors. Rewards are calculated on the basis of the amount of crypto one holds in the wallet.

Bounties and Airdrop

It’s a marketing stunt in which coins or tokens are given so that it promotes awareness about digital wallets. It’s a kind of business in which small amounts of currency are sent to the wallets of active users and in return, it asks for some kind of promotion or some other act that promotes it like posting or retweeting a post for the company that issues the currency.

The main aim is to spread awareness regarding cryptocurrency and the company so that more people invest in it. To get the coins or tokens from the company the person is required to perform tasks like posting on social media about the company and currency, connecting with someone in Blockchain, etc. It just aims for promotion and nothing else.

There are many platforms that provide bitcoins to earn through this. These platforms reward the users when they complete the task. But one must be careful while promoting these and keep in mind they aren’t promoting something involved in scams as it will ruin the reputation and waste the time as well.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can see bitcoin has a great return on investment in the long term. It can be accessed globally. And it holds the future. Gambling on bitcoin is also very common but it has a lot of risks it. There are many ways to earn bitcoins but each comes with its risk. You should understand every method completely and understand the risks and the precautions to be taken and then decide.