5 Ways How AI Transforms Mobile App Development

Let’s look at how mobile app development companies are using Artificial Intelligence to make mobile apps perform human actions more responsibly and efficiently.    

Perhaps no technology better enhances the mobile app capabilities on both Android and iOS mobile platforms as AI and machine learning. Advancement in these technologies is also an interesting gauge of how the mobile app development community is changing.

Behind this change is also the diligence of the mobile app development companies and the efforts of mobile app developers”.

One of the simplest examples of AI in mobile apps is of Google Assistant or Siri. There is a huge range of such virtual assistants that are intelligent, capable of answering questions, performing actions, and make recommendations.

According to a report, 40% of US companies are using machine learning to enhance their sales and marketing initiatives. Out of these, 70% of them give credit to the technology to exceed their sales target.

US companies are not alone in reaping the benefits of AI and ML. A study reveals that European banks have increased their product sales by 10% and lowered churn rates by 20% with ML.

Potential of AI in Mobile App Development Industry

The potential of AI has already been unleashed by many industries, such as voice synthesis in electronics, autopilot in aerospace, self-guiding cars in automotive, and recognition of signals in the spheres of defence and military.

In the domain of mobile applications, AI is combined with various other next-generation technologies such as IoT and cloud solutions to improve mobile technology, provided the mobile app development company has sound experience in integrating latest techs with the app.

Types of AI Used in Mobile Application

There are three types of Artificial Intelligence that are used in Mobile Applications

  1. Weak AI: Also known as Applied AI or Narrow AI, the technology is focused on performing limited predefined functions with no genuine intelligence. Siri and Google Assistant are examples of weak AI.
  1. Strong AIG: With strong Artificial General Intelligence, machines could successfully perform intellectual human actions, with the capability of experiencing consciousness but lacks the advanced human cognitive abilities.
  1. ASI: Artificial superintelligence is a condition when the cognitive abilities of the machines will surpass humans. For this condition, the science community is a bit fragmented. Stephen Hawking believed this condition to be dangerous for humanity whereas Demis Hassabis, founder of the DeepMind thinks ASI will help humanity.

Mobile application development companies have increased the use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance the capabilities of the software. They are working to make consumers’ lives easier and better, while also enabling businesses to generate insight that helps in making smarter decisions.

5 Impressive Ways AI and ML Are Transforming Mobile Application Technology

Artificial Intelligence and its integral arm, Machine Learning makes the mobile application capable to perform actions to enhance customer experiences. With a host of processes and functions, these technologies can be integrated into a mobile app to make it more effective and efficient.

Until recently, machine learning needed a huge amount of power to support its functions but now a simple chip that is added to the Smartphones make intelligent automation and machine learning applications perform well while reducing the power consumption up to 90%.

This development has paved the way for new innovations in mobile application technology. Here is a list of 5 ways how AI and ML are enabling businesses and consumers alike.

1. Collect and Process Real-time Data

When combined with IoT, AI can help collect and process real-time data to gather information about customers. The technology provides insight about the users so that you can pivot your focus on identifying what engages your customers better.

  1. Robust App Authentication

AI favors cybersecurity in a big way. Security is a major concern of Android mobile app development companies since it is an open-source platform. Using technologies like AI and Machine learning, Android developers can reduce attacks by sending alerts to users about possible threats.

  1. Search Using Images and Voice

Mobile apps integrated with AI and ML urges Android developers to develop voice recognition and image recognition systems that enhance app localization and therefore improves conversion rate.

  1. Smarter Camera Functionalities

Both Android smartphones and Apple use AI and ML-based algorithms for its Face ID unlocking system. This is a great improvement to Biometric technology that enables businesses to identify and evaluate human behaviour through images, sensory recognition, and voice and gesture control. With this technology, businesses can now understand consumer behaviour better and detect fraud.

For example, SenseTime has developed a face recognition technology that is used for the analysis of images on bank cards.

To implement the same, all you need to do is to form technology partnership with a reliable software development company.

  1. Language Translation

Artificial intelligence can learn words and patterns of words to respond to the users accurately. Based on this concept, machines can also translate but it has a deep learning even for machines. This is because machines cannot accurately copy all the idiomatic expressions and grammar rules of the language.

Microsoft has recently announced the creation of a machine learning system that is of high quality and can be compared to human translation. The Microsoft team uses dual learning, deliberation networks, and agreement regulation as a training method to gain remarkable implications on translation industry.

Key Takeaways

  • AI enhances the mobile application capabilities on iOS and Android platforms
  • Mobile application development companies have successfully utilized the benefits of Applied AI in Mobile Apps and rapidly moving ahead with Artificial General Intelligence.
  • There is huge potential in AI that industries are trying to unleash. Mobile app development is one such industry that is unleashing the potential of AI to collect and process real-time data, enhance application security, and empowering search engines, along with others.