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6 Benefits of an Automated Time and Attendance System

One of the most tedious tasks in the operations of any business is time and attendance tracking. The reason is, most business owners record time and attendance manually. However, this should not be an overwhelming task. With the right time and attendance tool, you can make the process efficient and simple. Below are some of the benefits you will get from a time and attendance tool.

  1. Staff have a Good Structure

Keeping time is a great habit. The first few days after the installation of an automatic time and attendance tool, the staff members may struggle to keep time. However, once they get into the system, they know what time they must report to work and when they can leave after work. This reduces the probability of miscommunication and the staff will be happier.  Great timekeepers are happier because they know their good habit is recorded.

  1. Convenience

A time and attendance tool makes the administrative work easy. Time used to record and calculate how many hours an employee has worked is reduced greatly. Also, since the shift schedule data is transmitted electronically for processing of payroll, it eliminates possible errors associated with calculating time manually, hours spent by clerks recording and calculating payroll. This is especially in the production and industrial sector where there are many employees.

  1. Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Time and attendance tools reduce the possibility of compromised or erroneous entry of data. This keeps a timely and fair record of productivity, work hours, and time checks. The result is, keeping record of each staff efficiency and performance and the operations of the business flows smoothly leading to a competitive environment in your business.

  1. Time Fraud is Eliminated

While the traditional time and attendance sheet could be punched and filled in by anyone, an automated time and attendance tool requires a particular employee to present a fingerprint or thumb making the record authentic with their specific biometrics. Therefore, you are sure what time the employee reported.

  1. Remote Access

More than ever, the mobility of workforces is increasing rapidly. When you are out of the office, you need to be updated. Alerts sent directly to your handset makes it easy to oversee your entire business irrespective of where you are. This makes it easy for you to correct errors when they happen even if you are out of the office. Moreover, the remote accessibility of the time and attendance tool is not only for the business owners. Staff working remotely can as well record their time in remotely using a web-based time and attendance tool.

  1. Increased Savings

Every business person desires to reduce costs and increase profits. Labor costs are reduced as the person in charge of recording time and attendance manually no longer needs to be there. Also, time consumed by employees filling in the sheets is eliminated creating more time for productivity.

In case you have been using the manual time and attendance method, it’s time you move to a modern way of clocking in and your business will benefit greatly. These time and attendance tools suit businesses of all sizes. Therefore, it’s time to take action.