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8 Physical Therapy Benefits That Will Change Your Life

When you hear the word physiotherapist or physio marketing, you may think of professionals who work with athletes, or people with injuries. Did you also know that they can help treat a wide range of conditions and physical functions that you may not expect? Here are 8 ways physical therapy can benefit you

  1. Reduce Medication Use

Often the first treatment for aches and pain is to take a pill to manage the pain. If you don’t treat the underlying condition, often the pain only gets worse instead of healing. Physiotherapy offers treatments for reducing pain in ways that do not involve taking dangerous opioids or other medications.

These techniques like massage, exercises and stretches or ultrasound and electronic stimulation offered at can significantly reduce your pain or help reduce the pain meds you are on.

  1. Mobility

Physiotherapists work to increase the mobility and function of your muscles and joints. If you are limited in your activities from pain or stiff and tight muscles, a physiotherapist can help make a plan to get you moving.

  1. Prevent Injuries

If you are worried about trips and falls because of difficulties moving or trouble with your balance and getting around, a physiotherapist can work with you to develop a program to restore your balance and coordination. They are experts at diagnosing conditions and will create a custom plan to get you moving again.

  1. Avoid Surgery

Physiotherapists can help find the underlying causes of chronic pain and injuries and offer treatments that are less invasive than surgery for treating many conditions. Before you go to the surgeon, see a physiotherapist.

  1. Help Improve Your Golf Game

Physiotherapists understand how muscle groups and joints work together and can develop a stretching and exercise plan to help support the muscles you need to play your favourite sport. They can also make sure that those same activities won’t hurt you down the road.

  1. Reduce Pain

Physiotherapists have many techniques to help you deal with the pain of an injury or condition and can help reduce your pain and increase healing without medication or surgery. They take a holistic approach to treatments and use techniques such as massage, heat/ice, and stimulation along with stretching and exercises to treat your whole body.

  1. Restore Your Confidence

When you feel like your body can move the way you want it to, and you can do the activities and participate in life the way you want to, it has an effect on your overall confidence and well-being. A physiotherapist is there to give you one-on-one attention and help create a treatment plan that will work for you, step by step.

  1. Treat Other Conditions You May Not Expect

You may think of physiotherapy as a treatment for sore knees and injured back and necks – but it also treats many other conditions, such as:

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction including urinary incontinence and lymphedema
  • Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injuries and Brain Injuries.
  • Pediatric Conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and developmental delays.