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BedStory Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Review

Are you a mattress nerd? Well if so, this detailed and extensive content will be of great importance to you. If you have not had an opportunity to try the most amazing foam mattress, then here is the Bedstory Lavender mattress that will ensure you are well covered. It has received heaps of praises from the online people due to its extremely affordable price. We also could not withstand the wave, and so we made my mind to try it. The king-sized version cost was slightly above $400 which was absolutely a satisfying price that would make someone feel to have been cheated. But if you go through the reviews about this mattress on Amazon page, you will realize they are more convincing and genuine. And so we went ahead to make an order at Amazon Prime, and it was delivered at our doorstep.

Features Of Lavender Mattress

We went For Nothing would prevent us from choosing the Lavender version that comes with Bedstory mattress that is the Lavender Memory Foam Mattress. It boasts of convincing and assuring reviews. The following are some of its features.

  • Comes with Infused Scent of Lavender. The main top layer of this great mattress comes nicely infused alongside lavender scent through essential oils. Lavender helps in air purification and relieving of stress. One may not easily realize the feature until the bed is unpacked.
  • Boasts of Fabric Cover. The knit that comes with the cover of the mattress a fabric that is non-woven. It easily stretches and conforms nicely to avoid interfering the feeling that comes with memory foam. It is designed to enhance breathing and hypoallergenic.
  • Has 4 Support Layers. The topmost layer is the fireproof fabric. This enables the mattress to attain the CFR1633 standards of fire. This is accompanied by the 2.5-inch layer of memory foam, 7 inches for air circulation and 2.5 inches located at the bottom for the high-density support.
  • The Air-Circulation Form Layer. This is the form layer which facilitates the circulation of the air and it is uniquely designed. It is a wide layer foam that boasts of huge channels in order to allow the air to circulate within it. This ensures the mattress remains cool regardless of the day time.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified. This is perfect proof that it is free of the most harmful chemicals during the period of construction. According to the company, the mattress is highly eco-friendly making it affordable to the middle-class persons.

The Process of Unpacking

Things have really changed. You don’t really need to get into a shop of the mattress and lay your body on various beds in a bid to test the best mattress before you identify the right one for you. It can be done via online and Mattress will be delivered at your doorstep. Most of us find it hard to trust the method, but most of these companies that offer mattress-in-a-box assure the most generous periods of trial. Therefore, you are only required to purchase and try it.

The Feeling That Comes With This Mattress

You will realize the hardest part when it comes to writing a more detailed and extensive review on a mattress is the capacity to describe the feeling whenever you lie on it. You may never have or own the idea of how it feels until you give it a try. Here is a description of the feeling associated with laying on this mattress when compared to other memory foams.

  • FirmnessAccording to us, this mattress is highly unique. On the advertisement, it is depicted as being an amazing compromise between a soft and firm mattress. Nonetheless, we may say that it feels firmer meaning that it is the best for stomach or back sleepers. It can also be a perfect fit especially if you have always tried to avoid memory foam mattress.
  • ReboundThe action of this mattress may not be much interesting. Most of these memory foams blend with the shape of an individual sleeping on it and later rebound when the persons remove the exerted pressure away from that spot. Mattresses have different rates for a rebound, but for Lavender foam, it rebounds gently. The imprint may remain up float for a short while and then it disappears. This is relatively a longer duration for the memory foam.

This mattress assures highly unique feeling which you can’t resist. It has proved to be more firm compared to other foams we have used before, although it can hold the molded shape for a longer period when compared to others. This, therefore, assures you a hug feeling when asleep, something you have never experienced with firm memory foam mattresses.

Is it Too Cool or Hot?

Very few people have issues related to sleeping under a hot mattress. Of course, there are those who find it difficult to bear with hot sleep. Some are likely to wake up a number of times in the course of the night with this unique mattress. This is a clear indication that if you are a hotter sleeper, this mattress may not do you good. On the opposite, if you love the feeling that comes with this mattress just as discussed, you can as well give it a try. Most of the hot sleepers love this great mattress. We also have a different version of mattress that is the BedStory Gel memory. The Gel memory is unique as it helps in heat transfer out of the body. For individuals who prefer hot sleep, Gel mattress is highly effective.

Motion Transfer

When it comes to the transportation of this mattress, there is no complicated delivery process. Not most of the bed designs can offer such amazing credit. It could be a combination of various memory foams but all the same, it assures excellent work. There are those individuals who love turning and tossing, with this mattress you are not likely to feel even with the slightest movement. Generally, we would rate this great mattress a five star as it helps in keeping the movement as low as possible.

Edge Support

Lavender foam boasts of attractive edge support. Most of the modern foams are provided without edge support. Most of the people prefer to rest close to the edge of their mattress. The support edge also helps to prevent excessive sagging and great support if you love sleeping on the sides of the mattress. Also, it enables the bed to hold in shape.


One is likely to experience the outburst of the lavender smells that may engulf the room when the mattress is opened. If there is any other way in which the mattress undergoes off-gassing, it may not be easy to tell as the lavender smell fills the room.

The mattress comes infused with essential oils of lavender which according to the company helps in the air purification and assure a more peaceful night. Another thing is that it lacks discernible’ off-gassing smell which is associated with most of the mattresses that come with the memory foam.

The lavender smell is fairly concentrated, but it subsides as you keep on airing out the mattress. During the first day, it appears to be highly concentrated. It continues to decrease and becomes much stable. That is how it is designed, just to emit the faint scent of lavender. During the 2nd day it becomes a half strong while on the 3rd and 4th day it goes down until it reaches stabilization stage.

We can confess, to have sufficient experience regarding this amazing BedStory Lavender Memory Foam Mattress. The manufacturer has ensured it is certified with CertiPUR-US form. It gives you a warm hug through the night just the way it should happen with the memory form. Therefore, you are only required to choose the perfect size for you.


The producer of this great mattress circulates it to the consumers through Amazon. The process of shipping is very simple and quick through Amazon prime. You get your bed in a period of 2 days at your doorstep without any complication. The shipping is also free.

Period of Return

Bedstory allows the return of the mattress within a period of 100 days.


BedStory issues a warranty period of 10 years which is relatively a longer period.  There are a lot of positive experiences regarding the customer service of the BedStory. The warranty is likely to cover issues such as splitting or sagging.

General Feeling Towards The Product

Considering the price of this great mattress, we would say it is really affordable. It is one of the eco-friendly foam mattresses we have so far engaged from a reputable manufacturer of bed. The feeling that comes with the mattress is just amazing. Lavender scent is highly relaxing and refreshing, especially at night. It is very cheap and comes with a 10-year warranty.