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Best Slot Game Extra Games and Rounds

No casino games are as exciting or fun as slots, with a multitude of themes to choose from and beautiful graphics, slot games are an ever-popular choice of casino goers. One of the most thrilling aspects of the best slots like Starburst and Narcos are the bonus rounds!

These give players the chance to trigger some huge win! They come in a variety of shapes too, some are easy to use while others are much more complex. Below are what we believe to be the best slot games that offer extra games and bonus rounds!

Immortal Romance

This slot was developed by Microgaming and is perhaps their most famous slot. It features five reels and a massive two hundred and forty-three pay lines! The real draw to this slot is the unique theme, it leans heavily into vampire lore. Utilising wonderful graphics and animations, the slot depicts these terrifying creatures with a visceral edge. The extra game this slot offers players is free spins which all have different options, for example winning free spins through landing on the symbol depicting Amber will grant the player a multiplier of 5x on all wins, while landing on Troy will have the vampire bat feature which is depicted by bats flying across the reels and landing on random symbols, changing them into multipliers! 

Cosmic Fortune

The space-themed slot comes from NetEnt Depicting an alien invasion, players must defeat the attacking forces to win the jackpot! There are five reels and fifteen pay-lines on this slot which also has a progressive jackpot. The RTP is 96.9% which is slightly above average for a slot! It also features falling reels instead of the usual reels depicted, which only enhances the space theme the slot is trying to evoke. The bonus game is fun, it can be triggered when the player has three scatters drop on the reels. Balls will suddenly fall from the sky and must be caught in either the Coin Win Cup or the Jackpot Collection Cup. If you somehow manage to land just three balls in the Jackpot Collection Cup you can trigger the Jackpot minigame! 

Age of Conquest

Depicting fantasy battles that involve magic and wonder, Microgaming has created a slot that is both fun to play and beautiful to look at. The slot has five reels and twenty pay lines, offering an above-average 96.14% RTP! The graphics of the slot are pleasant to look at, with the colours being particularly bold and striking. The extra game in the slot is the wild reels feature, this is triggered when the player manages to collect enough diamond symbols on a particular reel. Reels turn wild for two spins and offer players the possibility to win up to 50x their initial stake!  

Final Thoughts

Bonus rounds and extra games are part of what makes playing slots such an enjoyable experience! Taking full advantage of all the bonuses on offer can lead to players winning huge amounts of money.