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Can you build your own plane? Online kits that allow

Plane-building kits are purchased online and much of the parts come complete. 

All necessary aluminum forming is done, all welding is completed at the factory, molded canopies and fiberglass parts are supplied and the hardware is included. 

Rivet and bolt holes are pre-punched into all the parts, all part alignments and measurements are set at the factory. 

The pair made their RV-10 plane , a four-seater, single engine aircraft , from a kit from American company Van’s Aircraft

A two-car garage will provide plenty of space to build the aircraft, though many have been built in much smaller environments.

Good light, air conditioning or heat as the climate requires, good ventilation and good organisation are essential.   

A plane like the one the Fosters built should take around 2000 man hours just for the basics.

Complex avionics, instruments and fancy interiors or paint jobs can add hundreds of hours to the project. 

RVs are usually finished in 20-30 months elapsed time, all in. 

The Fosters’ aircraft cost around £11,000 but there are cheaper, and more expensive, alternatives. 


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