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Tony’s turnaround: Budget helps Coalition close the gap in the polls

Tony’s turnaround: Budget helps Coalition close the gap in the polls New poll indicate the Coalition have won back voters’ favour post-Budget In Feb... read more

Osborne to deliver emergency summer Budget on July 8

George Osborne will unveil an emergency budget on July 8 – the second financial statement in four months. The Chancellor said he will make the changes laid ou... read more

Harvey Norman boss gloats the Budget is so good for retailers

One of Australia’s top retailers says the government’s Budget was so good for the industry people would be forgiven for thinking business owners act... read more

PM Abbott says ‘Tony’s Tradies’ will benefit from 2015 budget for a ‘fair go’

The Prime Minister has coined the term ‘Tony’s Tradies’ to describe the small business owners who are set to be the winners of the 2015 Budget... read more

The only verdict that matters: A family, a young married couple and a uni student cut through the spin to decide whether Budget 2015 leaves them better or worse off 

Lillian and Edy Martinez are hoping the extra help with childcare fees announced in Budget 2015 will make it financially viable for the Sydney mum of three to g... read more

Real Housewives’ Gamble Breaux makes surprise Budget night appearance

‘Having fun at Parliament House with my new besties’: Real Housewives of Melbourne star makes surprise Budget night appearance and rubs shoulders w... read more

‘Not as bad as last year but still a dud’: Social media gives mixed reaction to Budget – at least it wasn’t as bad as last year

The reactions to the 2015 Federal Budget on social media were significantly calmer than last year, with users exhibiting less anger than when the 2014 budget wa... read more

Does the Federal Budget mean we are headed for an early election?

Are we set for an early election? Labor argue Joe Hockey’s budget is more about saving Tony Abbott than the economy… and could signal an election as ear... read more

How the 2015 Federal budget affects you as the deficit is to shrink by $7 billion

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey handed down his second budget for the Abbott Government on Tuesday night at Parliament House in Canberra. The deficit is predicted ... read more

$450 million in Budget to tackle home-grown extremism

The Federal Government will announce a further $450 million to be committed towards the fight against home-grown terrorism. While families are bracing for cuts ... read more

Australia’s $47bn budget blowout will be as scary as a Stephen King thriller

Australia should brace itself for a horror budget, akin to a Stephen King thriller, with leading economist Chris Richardson predicting a $47 billion blowout. Wh... read more

Nicola Sturgeon vows to block a Labour budget if Ed Miliband does not make deal

Nicola Sturgeon tonight warned Ed Miliband he will not be able to pass a Labour Budget unless he agrees to SNP demands – despite the Labour leader’s... read more

How saving works: Your essential guide to building up a nest egg

There are many good reasons for saving. A rainy day fund can give you protection against unexpected bills or losing your job. It can also be the means to do som... read more

Could Halifax Reward customers see their savings tax Budget giveaway snaffled?

Hands off!: The Budget brought a tax break for savers – but some may not benefit. It was dubbed the Budget for savers. At the dispatch box George Osborne ... read more

HomeCamp is latest travel trend that hooks up homeowners with budget travellers

Australian homeowners are making room in their backyards to allow budget travellers to pitch a tent and stay for a few nights. This is the latest cost-saving tr... read more

Germanwings flight tragedy was a freak accident and no reflection on the budget airline industry, says EasyJet boss   

The fatal tragedy of the Germanwings flight this month was an accident and will not blight budget airline carriers, the boss of EasyJet said yesterday. EasyJet&... read more

Has the tax-free savings Budget reform killed the cash Isa?

Radical: Around 28 million savers are set to benefit from a radical overhaul of High Street accounts Around 28 million savers are set to benefit from a radical ... read more

From cheaper beer to family flights: All the key dates in Budget changes

MARCH 23 Tax on a typical pint of beer will be cut by one penny. Duty rates on spirits and lower strength cider will be reduced by 2 per cent. MARCH 26 Switchin... read more

‘Terrifying’ Salmond says he will write Labour’s first budget as the price of propping up Miliband in Number 10

The SNP will force Ed Miliband to abandon planned spending cuts from Labour’s very first budget if the party holds the balance of power after the election... read more

No budget bounce for Tories after George Osborne reveals spending plans

No budget bounce for Tories after Osborne reveals spending plans – but David Cameron is a big hit with Labour voters, poll shows If economy stays on track... read more

Budget 2015 income tax changes at a glance: How much better off will you be from next month?

How much better off will you be from April this and next year following the Budget announced today?    The Chancellor George Osborne tinkered with the thresho... read more

Budget 2015: Chancellor pledges £3.5million for nuisance call crackdown

They cause endless frustration and leave some households scared to answer their landlines, but now nuisance calls are set for a major crackdown, the Chancellor ... read more

Is Osborne winning the battle with the budget deficit and national debt?

George Osborne appealed to voters to let him finish the job – insisting he is the only person who can be trusted to get Britain back in the black. The Chancel... read more

Banks reined in by Budget to help support UK’s recovery as sell off continues

Britain’s scandal-hit banks were harnessed by the Chancellor today to support the UK recovery. Announcing the Coalition’s latest plans to shore up the natio... read more