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What are stocks and shares and what is the difference?

What are stocks and shares and what is the difference between the two? Watch our simple explainer… By Rachel Rickard Straus for Published: 1... read more

Middle class borrowers sitting on a £198bn debt timebomb

Anne-Marie Moody earns more than £35,000 a year as an accountant, owns her own home and doesn’t splash out on luxury holidays or designer clothes. On pap... read more

Five ways to boost your credit score

Half of all borrowers applying for a mortgage, new credit card or loan have never checked their credit file or credit score. This is despite the fact that any i... read more

How to avoid getting caught in the credit card trap

Rising living costs mean households are increasingly turning to credit cards to get by. Bank of England data shows borrowing on plastic has reached £68billion ... read more

M&S Bank slashes personal loan rate to 2.8%

M&S Bank has slashed its personal loan rate to 2.8 per cent – the cheapest deal available. The move brings it in line with best-buy deals already offe... read more

Card providers stop one in four using their cards abroad

One in four consumers have had a credit or debit card blocked while on holiday and been unable to access their cash, research has revealed. This is despite 61 p... read more

Travelex axes its popular Supercard

Travelex scraps its popular Supercard that let holidays avoid overseas bank charges – and blames high running costs The Supercard is being axed in July be... read more

What is a consumer? We reveal where the notion came from

We’re referred to as ‘consumers’ all the time. The word is often used interchangeably with ‘citizen’, ‘shopper’, ‘household’ or ‘Briton’. ... read more

Sainsbury’s Bank launches best-buy purchase credit card

Sainsbury’s Bank has upped the ante on its purchase credit card, boosting the 0 per cent interest deal to a market-beating 31 months. The new deal overtakes t... read more

Why banks can give you a credit card you never applied for

Nearly a quarter of borrowers believe that getting accepted for a credit card guarantees them the advertised interest rate and 0 per cent promotion. But what ma... read more

Lloyds Avios credit card customers unable to redeem points

Some Lloyds credit card customers, enticed by the bank’s offer of Avios points that can be redeemed for flights, have seen balances vanish – and told it... read more

Half of under 35s can’t afford £250 unexpected bill

Half of households under the age of 35 couldn’t afford an unexpected bill of just £250, forcing them to turn to a credit or the bank of mum and dad, accordin... read more

Would a Universal Basic Income work? Guy Standing explains

Should we give every Briton a basic monthly income? For some it’s the key to stamping out exploitation for others it’s a ticket to laziness… By Ra... read more

What do cryptic investment fund names mean?

Investment fund names are often a baffling mixture of fancy but vague words, which mean little to people who aren’t already clued up on financial jargon. ... read more

Can we avoid another financial crisis? STEVE KEEN answers

Can we avoid another financial crisis? Spoiler alert: No! That’s according to STEVE KEEN who predicted the last one By Rachel Rickard Straus for Thisismon... read more

How to avoid the 0% credit card interest traps

Household debt is becoming a growing concern, with experts worried consumers are taking on debts they cannot afford to pay back.   Credit cards with long 0 pe... read more

Boom in credit sparks fears as economy slows

Britons are loading up on store cards, payday loans and car finance at astonishing rates, worrying regulators who are planning a crackdown on consumer borrowing... read more

Virgin Money posts an 8% rise in credit card balances

Virgin Money saw an 8 per cent leap in lending by its credit card business but said arrears levels remained ‘stable’ despite concerns that rising consumer d... read more

Is GDP DANGEROUS?! Economist Lorenzo Fioramonti says it is

GDP is seriously messed up. It is often thought of simply as the most common measurement of the size of a country’s economy – how could that be controversia... read more

Is growth always good? Kate Raworth answers…

Growth is good …right? We endlessly talk about the importance of our economy growing, but can it ever do more harm than good… By Rachel Rickard Straus f... read more

The FCA to look at high levels of household debt

Household debt is rising to record levels as the rate at which credit is approved picks up pace, the financial watchdog said today. The soaring levels of person... read more

How to get a loan without ruining your credit rating

A damning report on personal loans yesterday found families face a staggering £400 million rip-off from the ‘broken’ market. Banks are damaging bor... read more

Tesco ‘jumbo loans’ flout runaway credit warning

Tesco ‘jumbo loans’ flout runaway credit warning as BoE considers rules to rein in banks’ lending splurge By Alex Hawkes For The Mail On Sunda... read more

Credit card customers in persistent debt to get more help

Credit card customers who are in persistent debt should receive more help from providers to clear it, the financial regulator has said today. Around 3.3million ... read more