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Google Brings Ripple’s XRP Into The Information Mainstream

If you are like most people today, you probably never think about the time before the Internet existed. Well, there was a time when it didn’t exist. There was... read more

Forex Demo Vs real trading account

Perhaps the best thing about forex trading is that it lets you trade with virtual cash to prepare and develop yourself before you open a real forex trading acco... read more

Raffle House promises to giveaway East London flat in latest draw

A property raffle claims it will be ‘the first in the world’ to keep its promise of guaranteeing a London flat as the top prize – even if it ... read more

FCA: banks should not cancel indebted customers’ credit cards without good reason

City watchdog warn banks not to ‘blanket’ cancel indebted customers’ credit cards without good reason amid concerns they will under new rules ... read more

Number of mortgage approvals hits two year high as December saw precursor to ‘Boris Bounce’

A pre-Boris bounce? Housing market revival began BEFORE the General Election as the number of mortgage approvals hit two year high Net mortgage borrowing grew b... read more

Government urges banks to ‘move quickly’ to help 14,000 mortgage prisoners to switch deals

Ministers fired a warning shot at banks this week as the top six lenders stand accused of failing to help mortgage prisoners switch to a better deal. In an open... read more

Five tricks parents use to get kids into school – and the risks

It’s no secret that some parents adopt all manner of tactics to ensure their children have the best chance of being admitted to a good school. Moving home, fi... read more

House prices over 174 years – and the 70 year period they got cheaper

House prices have only ever been as expensive as they are now compared to wages twice in the past 120 years. That one of those occasions was at the peak of the ... read more

UCAS still sending out Future Finance adverts five months after backlash

The charity in charge of dealing with higher education applications is still promoting private loan companies to university students, despite criticism of the p... read more

House prices up £600 in January but Nationwide forecasts a flat year

House prices climbed £600 in January but Nationwide forecasts a flat year ahead for property not a major bounce Average house prices rose by 1.9% in the year t... read more

Banks refusing to unblock credit cards in branches

Banks refusing to unblock credit cards in branches: Customers must phone a call centre if their card is declined By Fiona Parker For The Daily Mail Published: 2... read more

Invest In the Best: These Top Designer Shoes Are Actually Worth Their Price

You’ve heard of house flipping, but did you know you can flip shoes too? If you already knew that, awesome. Just remember, if you plan to resell shoes in... read more


In very simple words, the exchange of currencies in a global market is Forex trading. Forex trading is also known as foreign exchange market, currency market or... read more

Property in Sheffield, Leeds and Leicester boosted by spike in buyer interest

Buyer interest in homes for sale across the UK’s biggest cities jumped by more than a quarter at the start of the year, new research shows.  Although the... read more

Wonga mis-selling victims to find out compensation figures in days

Borrowers sold unaffordable loans by Wonga will find out in days how much compensation they will get Wonga went into administration in August 2018 Between April... read more

Home buyers rose in December buyer’s market despite election uncertainty

Home purchases jumped in December’s buyer’s market as house hunters took advantage of election uncertainty Mortgages for home purchase jumped 24% in... read more

Banking with Lloyds for 40 years helped it uncover my £12k PPI payout

When it comes to big banks it is often said that loyalty doesn’t pay. However, in an unusual case, 40 years of sticking with Lloyds Bank was the main reas... read more

Key Points Lenders Should Keep in Mind During the Mortgage Closing Process

Mortgage closing can be quite complex and time-consuming in nature. As a result, lenders are usually looking at longer mortgage loan closing cycles than other l... read more

Should you be a saver or an investor?

To become a serious and successful investor, you must first gain financial literacy. Without the right basic knowledge of finance, you can all too easily put yo... read more

How to discover the suitable loan providers on the internet?

For businessmen with good credit scores, finding business personal loan can be quite a basic course of action. Having said that, not everyone has a good credit ... read more

How to apply for a short term loan and avoid unscrupulous lenders

Short-term loans are a small lending amount that is repaid on your next payday for a short period of time. Many lenders offer financial services in South Africa... read more

What is a credit score?

A credit score is generally defined as a numerical figure that determines a customer’s creditworthiness based on their credit history. A credit score is u... read more

Outcome-oriented strategies for business’s growth

The business world’s philosophy encapsulates business growth as increasing sales and strengthening its position in the market in one or more ways. Every o... read more

Guide to Start E-Commerce Business

If you can read this, you have access to the internet, and since you have access to the internet, you must have thought about buying something from an e-store. ... read more