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FDA could approve birth control pill OTC WITHOUT prescription by summer 

Come this summer, women could have access to birth control pills without a prescription for the first time in US history. The Food and Drug Administration is we... read more

I’m a nutritionist. This is why school ‘vegan’ dinners can be WORSE than meat options

Vegan nuggets, beans and chips. A baked potato, bread and salad. Even a meat-free sausage roll. These are just some of the dreary-sounding, vegan school dinners... read more

Women should get mammograms at age 40 rather than 50 amid rising breast cancer rates

Women should get mammograms at age 40 rather than 50 amid rising breast cancer rates, according to influential task force that says move could cut deaths by 20%... read more

Watchdog says DON’T get mom chocolate this Mother’s Day

Millions of Americans will be rushing out to buy chocolate ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday — but a watchdog is warning many brands are laced with tox... read more

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan reveals she considered never seeing a GP again after ‘pointless’ trip

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan today revealed that her last GP appointment ‘was absolutely pointless’ and she would rather go to a chemist in the fut... read more

Leading psychologists release 10 social media rules to combat ‘screen time epidemic’ in children

Leading psychologists have issued recommendations for healthy social media use by adolescents for the first time. The American Psychological Association (APA) s... read more

U.S. govt to fund $5m ‘safe injection’ program

The US government will study whether ‘safe infection sites’ for drug users can prevent overdoses, despite critics warning America is getting soft o... read more

Urgent recall of allergy pens over fears life-saving gadgets might not work

Urgent recall of allergy pens over fears life-saving gadgets might not work Medical regulator has withdrawn them as part of a ‘precautionary recall’... read more

I assumed I’d just pulled a muscle in my neck – but it actually turned out to be stage four cancer

A fitness instructor who assumed she had pulled a muscle in her neck in fact had stage four cancer. Lily Venus, then aged 24, visited her GP in November 2021 af... read more

Miracle weight loss jabs like Wegovy could also help in fight against cancer, researchers claim

Game-changing weight loss jabs could potentially help in the fight against cancer, research suggests. Wegovy, Ozempic and other fat-melting injections have ushe... read more

America’s processed foods problem exposed: Chips and TV dinners that have up to 120 ADDITIVES

At this point, most people know junk food is loaded with added sugar, saturated fat and salt, all of which are bad for us.  But many may be surprised to find o... read more

GP recovery plan designed to free up millions of appointments ‘won’t work’

The Government’s blockbuster GP ‘recovery plan’ won’t work, top experts warned today.  Chemists will get new powers to hand out prescri... read more

Parkinson’s might be caused by common bug found in the gut, researchers say

Parkinson’s might be caused by a little-known aquatic bacteria, researchers have said.  A buildup of proteins that kill of brain cells has been identifie... read more

How there’s as much alcohol in 10 bananas as ONE pint

Revealed: Six foods and drinks you had no idea contained ALCOHOL Bread can contain 1.28 per cent alcohol and ripe banana can have 0.4 per cent  This hidden al... read more

Chemists to be given powers to hand out prescriptions for common illnesses to ease pressure on GPs

Revolution at the pharmacy: Chemists to be given powers to hand out prescriptions for common illnesses under plans to ease pressure on GPs Millions will be able... read more

Research group linked to Covid lab leak fears will receive $2m in US taxpayer cash

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is under fire after renewing its grant to research bat coronaviruses with EcoHealth Alliance — the non-profit at the c... read more

Are high-tech scans which spot tiny growths causing us more harm than good?

After experiencing repeated bouts of stomach cramps and heartburn excruciating enough to take her to A&E, Karen Myers decided to use her private healthcare ... read more

From a tongue zapper to breathing classes I tried them all… so what finally stopped me snoring? 

Every night, shortly after my girlfriend and I go to sleep, the peaceful calm of our one-bed flat is disturbed by a cacophony of restless rumblings. At least 15... read more

DR MEGAN ROSSI reveals how parents can handle the challenges of nourishing the little ones 

Spend time with parents of young kids and you can almost guarantee that at some point the conversation will turn to what their offspring will and won’t eat. F... read more

Could plastic beads banish tennis elbow?

Tiny plastic beads injected into the arm could banish the agony of tennis elbow. Up to two million people in Britain at any one time have tennis elbow, which is... read more

Do I really need to keep taking statins? DR MARTIN SCURR answers your health questions 

I’ve been taking statins for over 30 years. I am now on my fourth type, as each one causes me bad side-effects. How important is it that I take them? Name and... read more

Experts reveal a new link between gas stoves and asthma

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t know that air pollution is bad for health — as a report by England’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitt... read more

Could this be the solution to endometriosis we have all been waiting for?

As a chronic condition with no known cure, endometriosis can lead to debilitating pain and infertility for up to 1.5 million women in the UK — but hope of new... read more

Ray Liotta had ‘silent killer condition suffered by HALF of Americans over 45

Ray Liotta was suffering from damaged arteries when he died last May – an extremely common but lethal condition. Medical records show the Goodfellas star,... read more