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I’m a dog whisperer, here are the top signs that will tell you if your pet is suffering from DEMENTIA

It’s the cruel disorder people associate with memory issues in elderly people – but dementia can also strike dogs. If your pet is more than seven ye... read more

Britain is poised to rejoin the EU’s flagship Horizon science scheme after Rishi Sunak gives green light to finalise a deal despite tensions over the price of paying to going back to the £85billion research regime

UK to rejoin £85bn EU science scheme Horizon as PM allows deal to be finalised Britain has been out the group for two years since Brexit a  By David Churchill... read more

Apple drops a major hint that the iPhone 15 Pro will have a new button – here’s what we know

1976: Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne created the company on April 1 1976 as they set about selling computer kits to hobbyists, each of whi... read more

WhatsApp is getting a makeover: Leaked images reveal an entirely new design coming to iPhone and Android

Revamped colours and conversation filters are among changes being tested Tested changes currently vary depending on the type of device you are using  By Lauren... read more

Watch the unbelievable moment a woman attempts to BITE through an anti-theft cable in a bizarre bid to steal an iPhone 14 Plus

A woman known only as ‘Qiu’ reportedly stole an iPhone 14 Plus in Fujian, China Officers arrested her 30 minutes after the incident and she has been... read more

Top Tips to Choose Experts in Agile and Rapid Digital Transformation

This is a fast-paced business landscape, and you cannot deny that digital transformation has turned out to be a crucial necessity for organizations that have th... read more

The Future of Customer Research: Trends and Predictions for the Next Decade

The world of customer research has never been more dynamic. As we step into a new decade, the environment is set for a significant transformation, driven by tec... read more

Opposites don’t attract and birds of a feather DO flock together: Study finds that personality traits including views on politics and religion are strongly similar in couples

Scientists found political views and religious attitudes matched in couples Romantic partners were also likely to have similar substance uses Scientists analyse... read more

Little-known iPhone hack could save YOUR life in an emergency

By Stacy Liberatore For Updated: 16:11 BST, 4 September 2023 The terror of being followed down a dark street or through an empty parking lot can i... read more

The real-life Dracula was VEGAN: Experts claim Vlad the Impaler – the inspiration for the fictional vampire – followed a plant-based diet

Count Dracula is believed to be based on Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler Analysis of his letters suggests Vlad may have only eaten plant-based meals By Xantha ... read more

As if the iPhone 15 wasn’t expected to be expensive enough! Designers create a $564,000 version of Apple’s upcoming smartphone with 570 diamonds encrusted in the back

The moment that Apple fans have been waiting for is finally almost here, with the iPhone 15 tipped to be launching at an event on September 12.  Rumours sugges... read more

Early humans nearly went EXTINCT 900,000 years ago when the population of our ancestors dropped to just 1,280 individuals, study claims

The human race was almost wiped out as it approached a severe cooling period  This severe ‘bottleneck’ lasted over 100,000 years and was a threat t... read more

Elon Musk announces a MAJOR change for Twitter that will affect every user – here’s what you need to know

October 27: Musk is officially made the new owner of Twitter, and tweets ‘the bird is freed’. November 1: Musk confirms plans to change the system o... read more

Everything You Need to Know About Windows VPS

Today, businesses worldwide continuously chase to keep up with technological advancements. The world has witnessed a significant rise in using Virtual Private S... read more

Can you hear me now? Hidden but ingenious iPhone hack lets you tune out surrounding noise so your voice is heard during calls

By Stacy Liberatore For Updated: 20:34 BST, 29 August 2023 Most people have felt the pain of making a phone call while walking down a busy street.... read more

Why you should consider putting a DAILY ‘out-of-office’ email on, according to scientists

Leading Optometrist, Dhruvin Patel is a specialist in the impact of blue light on eye health – that is light produced by phone and computer screens.  Blu... read more

Rare Back to the Future video tape still in its wrapping sells for £8,000 in auction

Rare Back to the Future video tape still in its wrapping that cost just $12.50 (£10) in the nineties sells for $10,000 (£8,000) in auction By Milo Pope Update... read more

Passvers iPhone Unlocker New Feature – Uninstall MDM Agent from iOS Devices

You probably feel frustrated when your iOS devices are under supervision by adding MDM, a technique utilized to monitor and restrict certain device functions to... read more

Value of your iPhone to be slashed this weekend as Apple gears up for latest launch – tech experts reveal how much money you could lose

Apple expected to release the hotly anticipated iPhone 15 in mid-September  Those eager to snap up new model being urged to trade in their old iPhone now Ideal... read more

Apple’s charging cord CON: iPhone will release with new USB-C cable but it’ll be slow and you’ll need to pay extra for fast one

By Matthew Phelan For Dailymail.Com Updated: 23:22 BST, 25 August 2023 It seems like Apple is trying to pull a fast one, quite literally, on its early adopters.... read more

iPhone experts reveal two simple settings tweaks that’ll charge your  device FOUR TIMES faster

By Stacy Liberatore For Updated: 14:12 BST, 24 August 2023 It can take up to four hours to charge an iPhone from zero to 100 percent. Considering ... read more

Wind-powered cargo ship sets sail with groundbreaking metal ‘wings’

By Zeenia Naqvee Updated: 13:18 BST, 24 August 2023 A maritime engineering company has finally sailed its eco-friendly cargo vessel – in a bid to decarbo... read more

WhatsApp now lets you create NAMELESS groups – here’s how

If you’re considering deleting WhatsApp, you’ll be happy to hear that there are several alternative apps to choose from: 1. Telegram With more than ... read more