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iPhone users say their smartphones are mysteriously turning off in the middle of the night – here’s what to do if your device is affected

Users say they’ve been prompted to enter their PINs first thing in the morning This suggests an iPhone reboot has happened on its own accord  By Shivali ... read more

Urgent warning to Facebook users over Jo Malone advent calendar scam – here’s how to make sure you’re not duped

Seven scam ads found promoting Jo Malone’s £350 advent calendar for £30 Here are the key signs they are fake, and how to report them if you see them By ... read more

The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Shaping the Development Landscape

Imagine a world where development is no longer a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, but rather a streamlined, efficient, and innovative endeavor. This is ... read more

What are the cyber security issues in fintech?

No doubt, financial technology is continuously evolving and it has created a revolution in this sector. However, the Fintech sector has its challenges and it is... read more

Twitter quietly makes a HUGE change to the platform in a desperate attempt to encourage users to pay £11/month for Twitter Blue – here’s how it will affect you

October 27: Musk is officially made the new owner of Twitter, and tweets ‘the bird is freed’. November 1: Musk confirms plans to change the system o... read more

Alexa users trust the Amazon device because they see it as human rather than a machine, study finds

Researchers found people ignored Alexa safety concerns because of the voice By Jim Norton Technology Editor Published: 00:07 BST, 10 October 2023 | Updated: 00:... read more

Anxious dogs can improve their memory by chewing on toys, study suggests

Anxious dogs can improve their memory by chewing on toys, study suggests It is thought in fearful dogs, chewing may act to reduce physiological arousal By Sophi... read more

See Earth’s moon and Venus meet in the pre-dawn sky TOMORROW

Earth’s moon and Venus will appear five degrees from each other tomorrow The conjunction will be visible around 3:11 am ET and last for about 12 hours R... read more

Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions are now 7% LOWER than they were pre-pandemic, promising figures reveal

UK emissions stood at 512 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent in 2022 This is 7% below the pre-coronavirus pandemic level of 550 Mt CO2e in 2019 By Colin Fernandez... read more

Need a Wi-Fi boost? Expert reveals how a device you likely have around the house can increase signal

Alex Tofts, broadband expert at Broadband Genie said reviving an old router can boost signal in your home There’s a simple way to boost your Wi-Fi signal ... read more

I was an ex-Apple employee – this is why you should NOT get the latest iOS update if you have an older iPhone

By Jessica Hamilton Published: 14:25 BST, 8 October 2023 | Updated: 14:29 BST, 8 October 2023 The seventeenth update of Apple’s iOS operating system came ... read more

Let it grow! How a little soft singing can boost your blooms: Plants that ‘listen’ to music grow more leaves, take in more sun, and produce much more food, research finds

Plants that listen to music grown 10 per cent more leaves, research has found  Researchers say results could pave the way for a new kind of ‘acoustic far... read more

Gingers have been around for 10 MILLION years, scientists say

Experts found the pigment that produces ginger colouration in fossilised frogs It suggests that gingers have been around for 10 million years, they say  By Xan... read more

Spiders are ‘falling’ from the SKY in California: Locals report seeing webs with spiderlings floating in the air

Parts of California are witnessing spiders falling from the skies  Webbing is raining down on certain parts, which contain baby spiders READ MORE:  It’... read more

Twitter quietly makes a HUGE change to the platform – and users are absolutely baffled by the update

October 27: Musk is officially made the new owner of Twitter, and tweets ‘the bird is freed’. November 1: Musk confirms plans to change the system o... read more

Last month was Earth’s hottest September EVER, data reveals – and forecasters say 2023 is on track to be the warmest year on record

September 2023 saw an average surface air temperature of 16.38°C This officially makes las month the hottest September on record By Colin Fernandez Environment... read more

Apple FINALLY releases iOS 17 update to address overheating iPhone 15 Pros – but some users are still seeing smartphone temperatures reach over 100F

Apple released the new iOS 17.0.3 update to fix overheating iPhone 15 devices But some users still find temperatures exceed 100F but cool down fast READ MORE: ... read more

I’m called Siri – and I’ve had to change my name to stop iPhones pinging every time someone says my name

Siri Price, 26, said she has been left ‘absolutely fuming’ after latest Apple update By Eleanor Dye Published: 19:27 BST, 4 October 2023 | Updated: ... read more

Drone after the Terminator demonstrates warfare abilities by dropping a torpedo from mid-air

By Stacy Liberatore For Published: 15:14 BST, 4 October 2023 | Updated: 15:19 BST, 4 October 2023 A drone called the T-600 – named after the... read more

Nationwide emergency test scheduled for TODAY: FEMA is set to hit millions of US smartphones with an alert- and here is all YOU need to know about the drill

The nationwide alert will take place at approximately 2:20pm ET today Alerts will be sent to smartphones, televisions and over the radio Americans will see a me... read more

Gay behaviour is the norm for most animals: Scientists study homosexual acts in 1,500 species – and say same-sex displays evolved repeatedly to increase social bonding and reduce conflict

Homosexuality in nature appears counter-intuitive but is observed in a range of species around the world. There has yet to be an accepted explanation based on n... read more

Oldest mummy in the US will finally get a proper burial: ‘Stoneman Willie’ -has been on display in a funeral home for 128 years

The man was a petty thief who gave a false name when he was arrested in 1895 He died in jail due to kidney disease that was brought on by alcohol  READ MORE: ... read more

Whatsapp boss denies Meta are set to start introducing ADVERTS to the messaging system to create a new income stream for the company

Head of Whatsapp Will Cathcart has debunked claims of a big change to the app By Madison Burgess Published: 10:35 BST, 1 October 2023 | Updated: 10:38 BST, 1 Oc... read more