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Crazy Things to Do in California While Enjoying Your Vacations

On every vacation, we make plans to enjoy life with something distinctive but end up in the same hotel stay, night club, and sea beach relaxation. How about trying something out of your regular life identity? If you are planning the next vacations in California, it is advisable to do some homework regarding the things to do rather than leaving everything at the moment. There are a lot of crazy things to try in California of you try to see from a different perspective. Below is a list of some activities that will surely push your comfort zone to a new level. Let’s begin with some exciting options as we are mentioning below.

Get stoned with some exotic marijuana variants

How about getting high on weed which is legally available all over the California region? If you are a marriage on a lover, California is the best place to explore extreme level variants. Visit a marijuana dispensary near you where recreational products are available for sale. In Orange County, you will find numerous outlets of Cannabis comprising different potency levels. Those who want to try natural flavors of Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains can visit any certified dispensary to gain a new experience. Buying your favorite stuff and enjoy it on the breathtaking Newport beach is an outstanding feeling. For a higher euphoric experience, you can check the dates of night beach parties. If you are an expert level weed smoker, don’t forget to check the concentrates which are rarely seen outside California. Below is a list of stuff you can try:-

  • Hand-rubbed black hash
  • Wax concentrates
  • Different flavors of vaping juices
  • Try chocolates, gummies and other edibles containing CBD

While finding your stuff, it is advisable to make sure that it is not containing synthetic intoxicants meant for increasing potency artificially. If weed is not a cup of your tea, don’t worry, there are a lot of other options in California to get mad.

Drive alongside the coastline of Big Sur

For biking enthusiasts, the coastline of Big Sur is not less than heaven. It is 123 miles long road starts from Monterey covering destinations including Big Sur, Garrapata State Park, Old Coast Road, Bixby Bridge, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Nepenthe, Lucia, Plaskett, Gorda, and Ragged Point, San Simeon, Cambria and ends in Morro Bay. Witness beautiful natural landscapes along with breathtaking coastline. Markdown the famous locations coming within this route so that you can pre-plan camping and other leisure activities.

Ultimate wild experience at Fern Canyon

Explore your wild side with a distinctive eco-system of flora and fauna in Fern Canyon. This location got the name because of beautiful fern-covered walls. The fern canyon trail is surrounded by around 50 feet tall walls from both sides. The five-finger fern is a distinctive identity that spread all across the landscape making it a wide stretch of the natural green sheet. Allow your feet to get wet in running water of canyon. Fern Canyon has a small track of 1.1 miles where you can spend some quality time. For enhancing your experience of being in the proximity of mother nature, bring some weed before starting your journey.

Conquer the highest point of Mt Whitney

If you are looking for something more challenging than Fern Canyon, start your journey towards Mt. Whitney. The highest point of its peak is 14,505 feet but you can also try some lower altitude peaks according to the physical capacity. In the Contiguous United States, Mt Whitney is the tallest mountain. Winter is the best season to start your journey because of several reasons as mentioned below:-

  • Perfect timing of sunset and sunrise photography
  • Isolated environment
  • Learn the new skill of hiking in a chilling environment

Arrange good quality tents, perfectly insulated thermal wears and sleeping bags. It would be better if you are going out with someone having experience of hiking. As a preventive measure, carry your favorite rum or weed from a recreational dispensary near you.

Witness the oldest living trees on the earth

Which was the oldest living being you have seen until now? Maybe a tortoise because they survive for around 200-300 years. How about witnessing a living being which is around 5000 years old? The bristlecone pine tree named “Methuselah” is currently 4,851 years old and located at the White Mountains of Inyo. Whenever you visit there, always take care of the environment. Don’t try to get the branches while returning because already a lot of tourists are killing it with their stupidities.

The crazy museum of death

In Los Angeles, there is a lot more to experience expected nightlife. You may have visited a lot of museums but this one has something distinctive to surprise. The museum of death in Hollywood is working with an objective “to make people happy to be alive”. It is a tour of 45-60 minutes to shake your mind with some of the weirdest things. You will witness the artwork of serial killers, crime scene photographs and coroner instruments etc. They will make you feel everything related to death. Those who can tolerate the environment can spend some more time.

In California, most of the tourists visit for enjoying cannabis because recreational marijuana is completely legal. As a first time visitor, you may not be aware of genuine sellers available in the locality. It is advisable to search for top-rated online marijuana dispensaries near you. The online stores of Orange County supply their products on the same day. Check their service status in your area before placing the order. Similarly, make a list of accessories that you may need for hiking, camping, biking or any other adventure. It’s ok to do some crazy things occasionally because these are the moments we remember for a lifetime. Whenever you feel bored with being sober and normal, don’t hesitate trying something out of your comfort zone.