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Does School Education Really Train Us to Succeed?

The setbacks in our educational system is not an unknown area. This may be the biggest reason for the popularity of summer schools like Immerse Education which fills in the gap in education which the schools fail to do.

We have listed the most common school fails which are the reasons why students who depend on this education system are not prepared for future careers;

  1. Schools Focus is to Impart Knowledge, Not Wisdom:

Having knowledge of subjects is great but in real-world it is of no use if you do not have critical life skills. Learning will not teach you how to communicate with others, how to save money or how to crack a job interview. Schools only focus on imparting textbook knowledge and assume that parents will teach the students the rest but not all parents have the time and experience to teach their kids these important skills that will make or break their career.

  1. Rapid Changes in Technologies:

Changes in technology are unavoidable and the latest technology will be obsolete in the next 10 years hence instead of building skills for the current technologies, students should be taught ways to assess new situations and adapt to the skills. Most schools do not focus on helping students to adapt to the changes, but they only impart knowledge about the latest trends. This needs to change or else the students will not be able to cope up with the economic changes in their lifetime.

  1. School Does Not Prepare Students for Careers:

Most schools focus on teaching the students various subjects but in the real world, how many of these subjects come to use? Most of the education system has been built to make sure that the students work hard to get good grades but what they fail to teach is to prepare for their future career.

  1. Grades Twists our Judgment of Reality:

We can talk about the flaws of the grading system the entire day. The only focus parents and teachers have is for the student to get good grades. The misconception that a student who gets an ‘A’ grade is always going to have the brightest future. Well, if yes then most of us are failures as we all know only 20% of students manage straight A’s throughout their school life. Ask, successful people about their school grades and you will come to know the false perception behind getting good grades.

Though an A is not bad, but such students are so busy studying that they fail to develop people skills hence when they fail in interviews, it disheartens them as they have never experienced failure in their life.

In today’s real world, what matters to sustain is your knowledge along with real-life skills and while many students seek for an outside educational course to learn these, there are many others who are not aware of it or cannot afford it. To make sure that every student gets the same life training, schools need to up their game of teaching and focus on providing an integrated education to all of its students.