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Electric bikes for children and teenagers: How should you choose them?

If your whole family loves traveling on two wheels or cycling holidays, sooner or later you will find yourself in front of the fateful doubt: which bike to buy your son, nephew, or brother?

Lately, the world of electric bikes for kids has evolved a lot, and deciding to buy an eBike model for future cyclists of tomorrow could be a good idea.

After all, we all have wonderful memories on the bike when we were kids: pedaling in the open air, the feeling of freedom and independence that our first means of transport on wheels gives us … these are memories that will remain in our hearts and in ours.

Today children, and even more so children, are the children of a technological generation and therefore choosing a pedelec for them is the most obvious choice that fits perfectly, sport and fun.

Obviously, however, when buying an electric bike for kids online, when faced with such a wide choice, the question could arise as to which model is the best.

Electric bicycle for children and teenagers: Why choose it and the benefits?

Many might think that, for a little boy or a child, a classic bike is a right solution. In reality, there is no “right or wrong”, but simply a way of interpreting the movement on two wheels.

Surely, if you are a family who loves taking “adventurous” holidays, giving your children a pedal-assisted bicycle could save you from various difficult situations where, perhaps due to tiredness, your child no longer wants to pedal or continue the journey on the two wheels.

With the electric pedal assistance, in fact, getting around by bike is easier and the efforts are also reduced for children. If, on the other hand, your child or grandchild is a bit lazy and does not like to do physical activity, a pedelec for children could be a good incentive to start doing some sport, perhaps going to school with the new e-bike.

However, the benefits of a pedal-assisted bicycle are many: you do outdoor activities, keep fit, improve your mood and help relieve stress which, unfortunately, affects even the youngest.

How to choose an e-bike for children?

First of all, when you have decided to buy an electric bicycle for children, you should know that, generally, these vehicles are not recommended for children under 13 years of age. Some e-bike models, on the other hand, are strictly forbidden for under 14s and it is always suggested to use the electric bike with the supervision of an adult.

The reason is simple: the pedelec, although by law it cannot exceed 25 kilometers per hour, still manages to reach a remarkable speed for a child. So, although it has no particular “contraindications” it is good to use some basic common-sense rules such as wearing a helmet or knee pads (things that should also be done with a normal bike).

An element to be kept under control when purchasing an electric bike for children online is the size of the wheels, which from 3 to 6 years old are normally about 12, 17 inches. For kids, on the other hand, the wheel size starts from 20 inches up.

Also know that generally, children love mountain bikes so, even in this case, buying an electric one could be the right way to make the youngest but also mum and dad happy since some models may have a speed limitation and instead of reaching 25 kilometers per hour stops at 20.

Among the elements to consider when buying an eBike for children are the weight and the price. As for the weight, the electric bike is heavy, around 18 or 20 kilograms and you have to teach the young rider how to ride without problems.

The second important element that contributes when buying an electric MTB for children is the price: in fact, almost all models are around 1000 dollars and are hardly available for less.