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Get Mastectomy In Dubai From The Best Doctor

When you touch your breast, do you feel swelling or lump in the breast? Do you see flaking skin near your nipples? It is natural to get scared when you feel something unusual in your breast. With each passing day, the disease of breast cancer is increasing at a rapid pace. As women reach puberty, hormonal changes start developing in a woman’s body. Hormonal changes are the major factor of breast cancer.

A large number of women all over the world are suffering from breast cancer. In some cases, medications can cure the problems of the breast. If breast cancer is at an early stage, then it can be cured with the help of medicines. If the breast cancer has reached the last stage, then doctors opt for mastectomy which is the process of removing the breast. If you have problems related to breast cancer, then you should make an appointment with a doctor at once.

If you are based in the UAE, then you can get the best surgeon for breast cancer. You will get connected to your desired doctors and surgeons who will provide the right treatment for breast cancer. If needed, then a doctor can go for a mastectomy.

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Breast Cancer: Symptoms And Causes

There are some symptoms that will make you identify the problems related to breast cancer. The prominent symptoms are enumerated below.

  • You may see dimpling or pucker on the skin of the breast. Changes in the skin can help you know that there are problems in the breast.
  • You may also feel a lump in any part of the breast. You may not see the lump but you will feel the lump while touching.
  • The color of the nipple may change. Your breast may look inflamed or red. You may also see unusual liquid around your nipple or crusting around your nipple.

The prominent causes of breast cancer are the increased age. As you age, the chances of breast cancer get increased. If you have suffered from breast cancer in the right breast, then you may get breast cancer again in the other breast. If your sister or mother had breast cancer earlier, then you may develop the risk of breast cancer.

If you had received radiation treatment in your chest at your young age, then you are at risk of breast cancer at a later stage of your life. Getting menopause at an early age increases the chances of breast cancer. If you take post-menopausal hormonal pills, then you can suffer from breast cancer in your old age. Consumption of alcohol has also been a major cause of breast cancer in women.