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History of Gambling

Gambling is one of the most played game since the evolution of human being. The history of humanity and gambling are closely linked with one and other. It has the number of faces and played differently all around the globe. The official gambling was started in 200 B.C in China under the supervision of the province governor which takes a specific amount from the winner as a profit.  The tiles were used for the game of chance. The first ever game of gambling was “white pigeon ticket”. In the 9th century, the cards were introduced throughout Europe. In the 17th century, the first casinos and gambling houses were made in Italy and in 1638 the Ridotto was founded in Venice which has precise rules and regulations for gambling.  The steamboats of Mississippi has become a perfect spot for the rich farmers and traders in the 17th century. And on that time the evolution of poker also takes place in some areas of Persia.  According to many books, China is the place where the game of chance i.e. gambling was started.

First ever casino:

First of all, the casino is a place where different type of gambling activities takes place. The exact origin of gambling activities is unknown. But the fact is every society played gambling in different forms in every era. But in 1638 the first ever official European gambling house was founded in Venice Italy, but the fact is it didn’t name as a casino but named as Ridotto.  It was founded under the supervision of the Great Council of Venice. This first-ever casino has a proper set of rules and regulations for gambling. But in 1774, the casino was closed as the Council felt that it is depriving the young gentry.  In the 19th century, gambling was rolling all around Europe. But in American history the origin of the casino in Mississippi.

Casino Online Era:

As we are living in the modern era, people are depended on technology and also focuses on it. In 1994, the era of online casino’s takes place. The first ever online casino was developed by nonother then Microgaming. They are considered as the founder of the online gambling. But the passage of time there is unlimited websites which are providing the online Casino.

The online casino games are the games which are played by a number of people on the internet. In previous years, we have seen a tremendous increase in online casino games around the globe. It is measured that the income made from online casinos are increased from $7.8million to $3.6 billion. In an online casino, the people will get a decent and polished game among them. Most people think that online casinos are totally scammed with respect to money.  But these casino games provide the confirmation to the player on the money they put on the game.

LuckyNiki Casino:

LuckyNiki Casino (ラッキーニッキー) is basically Japanese founded casinos. It is an online casino which is presenting an animated character “Niki” as perfect host and mate. The colors of the LuckyNiki casino are really attractive which includes purple, pink and gold color. It has a different type of games which includes:

  • Video Slots
  • Vegas slots
  • Online Bingo casinos
  • Blackjack games
  • Jackpot slots
  • High Roller slots
  • Roulette guides
  • Table games.

During the online game, the players are able to live chat with other game members. And if the gamer faces any confusion then he/she is able to contact the VIP support. The withdrawals will take a minimum of 24 hours and maximum 4 days depending upon the way of transfer.

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