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History of Slot Games

Many gamblers like slot games. In fact, it is not wrong to say that we essentially depend on slot machines to look for quality entertainment that provides an opportunity for substantial rewards. Are you wondering why people so are drawn into betting on slot machines? In order to know their appeal, we should take a dive into its history and see how slot games come to be and where they are headed.

Origin of Slot Machine

The first slot machine was created in San Francisco by Charles Fey in 1887. But, there are many debates that the first slot machine was created in 1895. The original slot machine had an easy mechanism than the slot machine that you usually play in the 918Kiss online slot App today.

It began with 3 reels that included a total of 5 symbols which are hearts, diamonds, horseshoes, spades, and bell. The bell easy finally gave the slot machine its first name which is “The Liberty Bell”.

Fey was able to build an automatic payment system that makes it many conveniences for the slot players to place bets and draw payments. Previously, slot machines included five symbols and ten drums which finally replaced by the 3 reels.

If the 3 bells come out in a row, the player would win the huge prize. Liberty Bell was the first commercial and most successful slot machine in the United States of America. Slot machines on 918Kiss App are quite the same as the Liberty Bell with an exception that they have been technologically updated to come out with more ease for the online casino enthusiasts.

Sitman and Pitt Slot Games Machine

One of the earlier versions of slot machines can also be attributed to the effort of Sitman and Pitt who created the first versions of modern slot machines. These modern slot machines have 50 cards and 5 drums. The idea of the machine was based on poker which is probably why it became famous from day to day after it launched in the casino market. At the start, the winner will not get any payment, they will only have a drinks or beer as the prize.

Electromechanical Slot Machines

After the early models of slot machines were introduced, many online casino companies started to work on what would become the modern version of slots that we find in online casinos. The first completely electromechanical slot machines were created by Bally in 1963 which named Money Honey.

It was the first slot machine with a proper payment mechanism that let up to 500 coins that would pay out automatically without the need for an attendant or assistant. This slot machine had a side lever that faster became a part of the new generation of slot machines.

Online casino like 918Kiss has the same patterns that make them resemble the earlier versions of slot games.

Video Slot Games

After the grand popularity of electromechanically slot machines, manufactured faster start to develop new types of slot machines. These machines only came with robust payment systems but also provided a wide variety of slot games. The first video slot was developed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1976 by a group of pioneers from Fortune Coin Co Company. After the rise of video slot machines, technological progress happened fast.

Other than that, now we have many online casino sites such as LV88 Club which provided a wide variety of online slot games. As these online casino sites collaborate with few trusted games provider such as 918Kiss, XE88, Mega888, Joker, etc.

918Kiss – Most Advanced Slot Games Application

Furthermore, you can also play it on slot games apps which you just need to download a software on your devices. Then, you can play online slot games with your mobile devices or tablets anytime anywhere. It is the most preferred slot game platform for online slot game players. 918Kiss APP is the popular online slot games application which founded in the year 1998. At first, players can only play slot games on their desktop or laptop. When the technology became advanced, 918Kiss developed the idea of slot games in the mobile App. Its first launch was in the year 2004 and it gets a huge response among slot games players. This is because it is much more convenient as they can access the game with smartphones.

918Kiss App offers many selections of online slot games which up to 136++ types in a single application. They strive to develop more slot games to continue their huge lead in the slot games market trend. 918Kiss not only provides slot games, but it also has various types of table games which are baccarat, roulette, Dragon Tiger Card, Poker Three, Blackjack, Sic Bo, etc.

It is one of the most prominent applications that has ever before been made to market with prizes and live slot games too. All the games provided are made from numerous creative themes that will give you thrilling and exciting gaming experience. Each theme has a lot of fantastic styles as well as responsive computer animations. If you’re casino games and slot games lovers, 918Kiss is definitely the best place for you to enjoy both games in a single application.

Now, 918Kiss has more than 5 million downloading and 2.3 million monthly active users. This number is increasing on a daily basis. However, you must make sure that you are on the right website which is 918Kiss Malaysia Official Site.

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