Holocaust survivor facing homelessness in Bondi Junction saved by heartwarming act

Tradies’ heartwarming act after Holocaust survivor with dementia faced homelessness while her rental apartment was being renovated

  • Two tradies help elderly woman while evicted from apartment
  • Holocaust survivor has lived in the apartment for 50 years 
  • A GoFundMe has raised over $20,000 in just five days 

A landlord has offered to cover the cost of their tenant’s stay in temporary housing while they renovate a block of units she has called home for 50 years. 

Lilly was facing homelessness after she received a notice her building was going to be renovated on Botany Street in Bondi Junction, Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Lilly, a Holocaust survivor who also suffers from dementia, has been living in the single bedroom apartment for over 50 years and can barely afford to cover her $200 a week in rent with her Centrelink payments.

She goes without food on some occasions just so she can make ends meet.

Two tradies, Jarrad Gordon and Gary Gild, have taken on the task of helping an elderly holocaust survivor, Lilly (all pictured), while she is temporarily evicted from her building 

Her situation was about to become worse after she was told by her landlord she would need to move out while renovations were taking place at the property.  

Lilly had nowhere else to stay and it wasn’t until renovators turned up to the property that she was offered a helping hand. 

J3G Construction workers Jarrad Gordon and Gary Gild contacted her New York-based landlord who agreed to put her up in the Meriton Apartments and cover her rent.

The pair helped Lilly move all of her possessions out of her apartment, and even helped repair her record player when she couldn’t afford a $30 belt.  

‘I just felt heartbroken for her, just seeing the state that she was living in and not having a single person in her life and no money,’ Jarrad told Yahoo. 

‘She’s got no family, she’s got no friends, she’s just completely isolated. No-one would even know she was alive or if she died.’ 

The two tradies are currently help renovate the Bondi Junction apartment building (pictured) Lilly has lived in for over 50 years

The two tradies are currently help renovate the Bondi Junction apartment building (pictured) Lilly has lived in for over 50 years

The tradies have also started a GoFundMe to help relieve her future financial struggles.

‘Lilly is extremely anxious and nervous about the move as she has been living in the same building for the last 50 years and is not good with change,’ the page reads.

‘We would like to raise some funds and give her the helping hand she deserves, entitling her to try and live a normal life.

‘It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has a spare few dollars they are willing to donate.’

More than $20,000 of the $10,000 target has been raised in the last five days. 

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