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How much money YOU would have if you invested $10,000 when top companies launched their IPO’s

A visualization reveals how much money you would’ve made if you invested $10,000 in the world’s top companies when they launched on the stock market.

The chart shows six top companies from where they started out at their initial public offering (IPO) and where they are today. 

The top six companies include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tencent and Berkshire Hataway.

On the first chart, it demonstrates the climb (or fall) each company experienced in its share price over the years including after the ‘dot-com bubble’ and 2008 financial crisis. 

A chart shows six top companies and how much money someone would have made if they invested $10,000 at the launch of their IPO’s. The companies include Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Bershire Hathaway

Apple, for instance, started on the market in December 1980 with an IPO of $0.51. The technology company has since increased its value by 32,459 percent with its current share price at $166.64. 

If someone invested $10,000 into Apple in 1980, they would now have a return of $3.2million. 

Another company where people would see a high return from is Microsoft Corporation. 

It started out in March 1986 with a market share value of $0.09. Since then, the share price has risen to $90.47. 

People who invested $10,000 into Microsoft at the beginning would see a return of $10.2million from their stock purchases. 

A $10,000 investment in Amazon after it’s IPO launch in May 1997 would now be worth $5.8million.  

The second chart shows how these investments compare to Bitcoin. One difference between the companies is Bitcoin's rapid growth since 2010

The second chart shows how these investments compare to Bitcoin. One difference between the companies is Bitcoin’s rapid growth since 2010

One investment people would’ve made the most money on was Bershire Hathaway when it’s IPO was launched in March 1980.

The Warren Buffet-owned company started at a share price of $290 and is now valued at $298,620.

If someone invested $10,000 in the company when it started, they would now be seeing a return of $10.3million.  

A second chart shows how these top companies compare to a Bitcoin investment, which is the current interest among some investors.   

One significant difference with Bitcoin than the other companies is how quickly its share price has jumped since it first launched in 2010. 

Most of the the other companies had a steady increase after the market survived the ‘Dot-com bubble’.