How to choose perfect custom essay writing service


It is not a secret that writing an essay is a typical assignment that students have to grapple with in their educational careers. The process demands you to be attentive to details, be creative, and concentrate on your work. However, school imposes numerous demands on students, such as many classes, extracurricular activities, and a part-time. As a result, students end up using essay writing services to avoid failing. With numerous such services available in the market today, follow these expert tips by and identify the perfect essay writing service for you.

  • Why you need help with your essay

In all academic levels, your professor is probable to ask you to write essays. There are several arguments as to why a student needs to use essay writing services. As the most common writing assignment, it has a high impact on your final grades; thus, you need to be perfect at it.           Some students are lazy, as well as writing an essay requires excellent writing skills that most students find challenging to master. Also, between going to class and holding down a job to pay for college, students lack time to complete these assignments.

How do you know a writing service is right for you?

Finding the best writing service for you is not an easy task as there are several perspectives to consider. One is the subjects the service writes. The best writing service should work on subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Art, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Religion, Philosophy, Statistics, Business, and Law, among other disciplines.

It should also write different styles of papers. These include various types of essays such as argumentative and descriptive essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, research proposal, and literature review, among others. Also, ensure that they complete essays in different formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Once these are evident, then the service has fulfilled your initial assessment.

Ensure writers are experts and go through their samples

According to ResumeThatWorks, one of the main ways to identify the perfect essay writing service is finding out who is going to work on your essay. Reputable companies work with expert writers who have Ph.D. or Masters Degrees, native English speakers, and have experience in their particular fields. Ask the company to provide you with the list of their writers and their qualifications to verify their authenticity.

Also, ask for sample papers written by the different writers, so you can assess their skills and confirm that they are indeed qualified. If you come across a company that is reluctant to share such information, walk away.

Check prices, discounts, and coupons.

The prices of an essay service inform you of whether they are the best or not. When looking for one, you perhaps want one within your budget, which is not a bad thing. However, for quality essays identify services with competitive prices. Such prices for a one-page paper range from 15-20$ depending on the deadline.

You can also work with services that offer discounts. Such include first-time customer discount or regular client discounts, which brings the total cost down to an affordable price. You can also trust companies that offer promotions as you get an essay at a lower price.

Ensure the writers who write for you can match your writing style

While identifying a writing service with expert writers is paramount, having your work completed in your style is more important. As a student, you have written essays before using a distinct writing style that your professor can identify. For example, if English is not your first language, you are expected to make some grammatical errors.

Professional essay writers should be in a position to mirror your style in your work to ensure it sounds and looks like you wrote it. Also, they can utilize the materials you use in class to make the paper sound more like you.

Do not go cheap

The price an essay service charges for a paper determines their competency. While getting essays at a bargain for you may seem like an advantage, cheap papers can be detrimental to your learning. As the saying goes, ‘cheap is expensive.’ However, with the limited time they have to complete the said papers, they end up compromising on the quality of the work.

Thus, a cheap custom writing service gives you false promises and end up plagiarizing your work. So, take your time and look for companies with competitive prices.

Ask about deadlines

When it comes to selecting the perfect essay, service reliability is everything. Timely delivery of an article determines this as if a service fails to complete the work within the deadline; they are not reliable. Ask for the available time limits from the company before placing an order or paying for their services. Top essay services should have flexible periods that range from one hour to one month or more.

If you find that their time limits are favorable, place your order and set the deadline by when you want the work completed. Also, ensure that the company has a policy that guarantees a refund if you do not get your work on time.

Ask them to use passive voice

The use of passive voice is another way to narrow down the number of essay writing services. For so long, it has been considered appropriate to utilize active voice instead of the passive voice. Likewise, more professors believe the use of passive voice as a stylistic error, which students should avoid at all cost.

However, an excellent writing service should be in a position to incorporate this style of writing to produce a persuasive essay. For instance, as described in Kibin, when you write an essay whose subject is broad, irrelevant to the reader, or you want to be vague about a topic, passive voice can help to develop your essay.

Ensure effective customer service

The best essay writing services must have supportive customer support. These are the individuals who are always ready to respond to your queries about your paper and make clarifications. For example, if you have an urgent order at the wee hours of the morning, they should be in a position to respond right away and have a writer work on it.

Also, they should have different methods of communication, such as through the phone, email, live chat, and social media platforms. If they do not have such communication measures or do not respond to your messages, move on.


Numerous essays exist that offer essay writing services. However, many of those are a scam, out to steal your money. To ensure you identify the best services, keep in mind the price, deadline, quality, writers, and customer support as the primary pillars of reliable companies. Hence, if you find it challenging to complete an essay, utilize these tips to settle for the perfect essay writing service.