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How to Deburr Laser cut metal parts effectively?

Are you looking for a solution to deburr your laser cut and plasma cut metal parts effectively?

If yes, then this article will help you to find the right solution.

1. What Creates the Burr in Laser Cut Metal Parts?

Burrs in laser cut metal parts are material that gets adhered to the edges and slots of the part as a result of the laser cutting process.

In the laser cutting process, the high energy beam of the laser makes the metal cross its melting point.

The gases that assist the laser cutting makes the molten metal evacuate from the kerf.

Thus, the evacuated metal gets deposited on the edges of the cutting and result in burr.

2. Types of Burr to Deburr from Laser Cut Metal Parts

Let us look at the various burrs and imperfections that we will have to remove from parts after laser cutting and plasma cutting.

2.1 Thermal Burr (Slag)

A thermal burr is often referred to as slag.

It is caused by the heated generated by the laser cutters while in operation.

2.2 Mechanical Burrs

Mechanical burrs are the raised material deposits on the part due to mechanical stress while part creation.

2.3 Oxide Layer

Laser cut metal parts may have an oxide layer as a result of the manufacturing process.

So, there is a chance that the part may get rusted if the material is prone to oxidation effects.

So, you need to remove it.

2.4 Pierce Splash Out Removal

Pierce splashes are formed on the laser cut metal part surface when the laser beam pierces a stainless-steel sheet.

It occurs when the piercing is done very close to the edge of the part.

This type of burr will be more prominent for thicker parts.

3. Vibratory Deburring Machine

The vibratory deburring machine is best suited for the deburring of small and medium size laser cut parts.

Inovatec ( offers different varieties of vibratory deburring machines for deburring laser cut parts with various capacities.

3.1 How It Works?

The vibratory deburring machine works on the principle of vibratory motion.

The machine consists of a container that will hold the laser cut parts and the abrasive media.

This container is balanced by a network of springs and is connected to an unbalanced motor.

When you switch on the machine, the motor will make the container vibrate.

This vibration of the container will get transferred to the abrasive media and parts mixture.

Thus, the vibratory force gets converted to the frictional force between the media and the parts.

So, the media will start removing the burrs from the part.

The amount of burr removed will depend on the material of the part, abrasiveness of the media, and finishing time of the machine.

You can use the vibratory deburring machine for wet deburring as well as dry deburring

3.2 Benefits of Using Vibratory Deburring Machine

Let us have a look at the various advantages of using a vibratory deburring machine ( for deburring metal parts.

3.2.1 Time Saver

The machine can deburr multiple parts at a time.

So, it will help you to save your deburring time.

3.2.2 Perfect Burr Removal

The vibratory deburring machine helps to remove all types of burrs from the laser cut part perfectly.

You need to ensure that the processing time and the tumbling media are right.

3.2.3 Low Cost Solution

It is a cost effective method for deburring laser and plasma cut parts.

You need to make a one time investment on the right vibratory deburring machine and a media with higher life.

The only recurring cost will be the grid charges for running the machine.

3.2.4 Low maintenance

All vibratory deburring machines from Inovatec require only standard maintenance tools for repair works.

So, there is no extra cost involved in the maintenance.

3.2.5 Wide Choice of Deburring Media

Inovatec offers a wide variety of tumbling media for deburring laser cut metal parts.

It includes ceramic, plastic, steel, and many other varieties.

You can choose a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and cutting grades.

So, you will get a deburring media that matches perfectly with your laser cut parts.

4. Belt Grinding Machine

If you are planning to deburr big laser cut and plasma cut parts, then the belt grinding machine will be the ideal choice for deburring.

4.1 How It Works?

The belt grinding machine consists of an abrasive belt made that is made to rotate continuously in a circular fashion with the help of a motor.

There will be a tray beneath this rotating abrasive belt to place the big parts.

You can place the laser cut part on this tray and adjust the height in such a way that the surface of the part comes in contact with the belt.

Once you switch on the machine, then the abrasive belt will rub on the surface of the part continuously for burr removal.

4.2 Benefits of Using Belt Grinder Machine

Let us look at the various benefits of using belt grinder machines for deburring.

4.2.1 Great Quality Finish

Belt finishing grinders offer excellent quality finish to large parts with its constant working speed.

It also doesn’t generate any heat during the grinding process.

Thus, it offers a great quality finish after deburring.

4.2.2 Simple and Easy to Ease

The belt grinder machines are designed in such a way that it is simple and easy to use.

4.2.3 Variable Abrasive Belt Options

You will be using laser and plasma cut parts that are made of different types of metals.

So, there will be parts made of soft metal like aluminum and hard steel parts.

So, you need to use belts of different abrasive strength for each type of part.

These machines come with different abrasive belt options.

4.2.4 Wide Grinding Area

These belts have wide areas.

So, it can reach and deburr more areas in less time than a typical grinding wheel.


Now you know the effective methods to deburr laser and plasma cut parts.

So, consider investing in the right type of solution to manage the deburring process for your laser and plasm cut parts efficiently.