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How To Design The Best Name Tags For Kids In 5 Easy Steps?

Whether you are hosting a birthday party or a mini soccer tournament, or a field trip, having name tags for kids is a great option. As a parent, you are probably used to your kid losing his lunch boxes, bottles, and other knickknacks all through the year.

If you could use a name tag to label all his or her things, then the chances of them getting lost would come down significantly. In recent years, the trend of allotting name tags to kids in different settings is slowly picking up steam.

In this article, we help you design the best name tags for kids in five easy steps. However, before we get to the list of steps, let us first look at the advantages of name tags for kids.

Top Advantages of Name Tags for Kids according to experts

There are a number of advantages of using name tags. Let us look at the three major ones below.

  • According to child counselors, using name tags help give kids a sense of equality. Since all of them are coming from diverse backgrounds, it helps them create a standard of identification that is common to all.
  • It also helps teachers and authorities to keep a headcount and maintain identification in children. This is especially true if you are going on a trip and would want to ensure the safety and security of all of them.
  • Using name tags also helps kids not losing too much of their stuff. Even if it is misplaced, the person who has discovered the same can return it after reading the name and the classroom.

List of 5 Easy Steps to Design the Best Name Tags for Kids

Decide on the number of fields you want on the Name Tag

If you are using the name tag for labeling personal belongings, you might want to mention the name of the child, and his or her classroom. If you are creating name tags for sports, you can mention the name of the child, his/her parent, and their contact number. Avoid putting in the address of the child or the personal contact number for safety reasons.

Fix the Quantity of the Name Tags you want

Naturally, this depends on the kind of purpose you are getting the name tags for. Creating personal name tags for birthdays would mean you are ordering a small quantity. Whereas, if a school is ordering the same, it would mean they are ordering hundreds of name tags for all the students in the institution. Deciding on the quantity helps understand the costs involved.

Select the kind of Name Tag Design you want to go for

You do not want something to be too specific in terms of designs and colors. If you go for a predominantly pinkish theme, you might affect the boys. It is important that you take a balanced view and choose something that is neutral and will be liked by all parties. As kids are involved, you can afford to make it fun and exciting in terms of design, fields, and color options.

Narrow down on the Manufacturer you want to work with

There are a number of options that you can choose from when looking for a manufacturer that creates name tags. However, it is important that you do your research before selecting someone. Look at the online reviews and ratings. You can also ask them for past work samples to understand whether they do things that are high-quality.

Prices, Costs, and Budget you are willing to spend on the Name Tags for Kids

Last but definitely by no means the least, the cost factor needs to be taken into consideration. Different companies will quote you differently. Going for the cheapest option is never the best option as you are likely to receive substandard name tags. This is something that you would not want, especially where kids are involved. Fix a median budget and proceed with the same.

The Final Word

Creating name tags for kids can be both highly functional as well as fun. By following the above five easy steps, you can hope to create the best name tags for kids in a simple and efficient manner.