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How To Get My Website Noticed On Google: Google Ranking Guide 2021

It is easy to find your queries on the search bar of Google, but making your website noticed on Google needs to follow a wide array of strategies. In 2021, there is no way to doubt but admit that Google has made our life smoother than before. It seems everything is rustling about Google.

If you want to know the latest trend, go to Google. If you are running a startup business, Google can provide you with the best marketing policy. Even if you want to build a website, Google will welcome you.

In the beginning, we have mentioned that you must follow a set of strategies for your web positioning. A proper technique will drive traffic that will flock to your website. This article spells the most effective strategy that will make your website noticed on Google.

Table of Content

  1. Register with Google Search Console
  2. Register with Google My Business
  3. Faster Site Load Works More for Mobile in Particular
  4. Maintain Keyword Functionalities- Headings, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and URLs
    • Keyword Placement: Where to Add The Keywords of your Website
  5. Backlinking
  6. Google’s Instructions
  7. Conclusion

Before diving into the details, here is something to notify you. If you have a WordPress site, you must know how to get WordPress followers. This article will also help you to increase your website’s popularity.

Register with Google Search Console

Google provides a free website indexing service by Google Search Console. A quality SEO starts with when you submit your website and its sitemap to Google. When you submit, it rings the bell of your appearance on Google.

How can Google Search Console Help You?

The answer will overwhelm you.

  • You can check who is linking to your site.
  • You can identify where the problem is and fix it accordingly for indexing your pages.
  • You can resubmit an updated piece of content for indexing.
  • It will check if your website has different versions.

Register with Google My Business

Registering on Google My Business should be your top priority if you want to start a new business. Your website will be on the relevant geographic search results within a few weeks once you submit it to Google My Business.

You must approach the verification process that Google offers. Once Google verifies your business’s physical existence, it takes your website one step ahead of appearing on Google’s search results.

Faster Site Load Works More Particularly For Mobile

Site Speed is a ranking signal that Google has been considering since 2010. A faster site load enhances the more ranking possibilities for your website.

To make your site load faster, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • You should minimize the number of HTTPS requests.
  • Keep the size of the images as small as it is possible.
  • You can use faster hosting.

You can use tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights to see how fast your site load is. It also provides reports that help to develop certain things to speed up your site.

Optimizing site speed for the mobile device is a way to make your website user-friendly.

A vast amount of users will visit your website on their smartphones. So there is a risk of losing visitors if it annoys them. Even statistics show that 29% of smartphone users switch to another site in this regard.

You can also use plugins for speed optimization of your website.

Maintain Keyword Functionalities- Headings, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and URLs

A proper keyword placement itself follows strategies. How do you identify the right keyword for your website?

Keyword Research

It follows three steps:

  • Find out your competitors based on your keywords, like find out the other keywords people are using of the same niche or industry in which you are working.
  • Then figure out the volume of searches of keywords.
  • Find out keyword difficulties for each keyword. Keyword difficulty indicates your ranking scopes in terms of other competitors.

Based on these points, you can optimize your content with your keywords.

Many keyword planners are available across the web. You can use any of the following SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, and a few more.

Keyword Placement: Where to Add The Keywords of your Website

Adding keywords to the right place of your website is a matter of concern. Wrong placement of keywords risks the strategies you follow to get noticed on Google.

Places to add keywords:

  • Page titles
  • Meta Description
  • Headings
  • Page Content
  • URL

Google monitors these places while indexing your webpage to see whether your web page is relevant for a preferred keyword.

Notes to remember: Do not use excessive keywords or make keyword stuffing on your content. Keyword stuffing damages the ranking possibility of your website.


Even if all your strategies are on the fly, you will need Backlinks. You must engage your website in this win-win game of backlink.

Having backlinks means other websites will allow you to publish your content on their websites. By doing so, you can get visitors from those sites if visitors like your content and click on the link of your web page that you have added to the content.

Google simply counts backlinks as votes for your content.

There are two ways to generate backlinks for your website.

  • Via outreach, you can ask site owners to publish your content on their websites.
  • You can create highly qualitative and keyword-rich content/blog for your website that will automatically grab the attention of others and influence them to link your content as a source of information.

Google’s Instructions

It is more promising to follow Google’s guide to get noticed on Google. Google has a free guide for you where you can learn many ideas regarding the optimization process of your website.

The guide content provides the pros and cons of SEO- how to use headers, metadata, and keyword-rich content appropriately.

If you are a quick learner, you can see videos on the YouTube channel named Google Search Central YouTube Channel.


The tips you have already got throughout the entire content are hopefully significant for you.

However, these are not the edge of knowledge. You have to keep yourself up-to-date within the flow of time and technical advancements. Thus, following the strategy appropriately will make your website visible on Google with a higher rank.